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  1. fefox

    Bad 1888's

    wow just bit into a bad batch of 1888's they all failed right away... got 3 of them... just after midnight central. picked up 3 x 353's to replace so lets hope we don't see anymore of these later tonight.
  2. fefox

    Project: Ultimate Behemoth

    First off im not trying to compare my build with CMetaphor's rig, "Behemoth" and hats off to him as that thing rocks!!.... The new case for my Folding rig has just been ordered a Lian-li PC-V2110 and the only thing I could think of was that old Simpsons episode when Homer goes to buy a RV and is...
  3. fefox

    4 x GTX295 -working-

    ok I got fed up with the unstable machine errors on my vista box, so I pulled the motherboard tray out of the lian-li case dropped the 4th 295 into the last slot and powered it up... so far so good.. no errors and ppd is decent. I'm using the HX1000 and Thermaltake 650 to power it K9A2...
  4. fefox

    Folding@home Core Shutdown: CORE_OUTDATED

    anyone else getting this message this morning.. I have two of these both on different machines says its a 112 Points Project is 2934 [11:01:53] Verifying core Core_11.fah... [11:01:53] Signature is VALID [11:01:53] [11:01:53] Trying to unzip core FahCore_11.exe [11:01:53] Decompressed...
  5. fefox

    Hitler Finds Out United Breaks Guitars

    YouTube - Hitler Finds Out United Breaks Guitars
  6. fefox

    Fahmon Glitch need advice.

    Got some more folding hardware up and running today. just one hangup... Fahmon was all working fine for weeks, then added two more GPU's on the remote machine it worked fine for a few mins, and then reported HUNG for all of them on that box.. altho it is still updating the % done tried...
  7. fefox

    NVIDIA GeForce Forceware 190.38 WHQL Drivers

    ok starting a new thread... Installed these drivers today, running two machines one with 2x 295's and the other with a single 295.. tried on both vista 64 and win 7 64, installed over the old drivers no problem. set both machines to sli mode and ran multiple instances of FOLDING no problem...
  8. fefox

    Crazy Flight Sim Cockpit

    after seeing a few cockpit modules on NCIX last night I started hunting the net for flight sim and tracon software. I had no idea that could pretty much buy a cockpit and assemble it in your house like this... check out the video of this guys cockpit. YouTube - VoxATC and GoFlight Demo...
  9. fefox

    My First Air/Water Cooling attempt -kinda-

    so the heat from one GTX 295 folding was just about killing me (I have no aircon) im about to fire up 2 more.. so I decided to try and COOL the room down... with stuff I had laying around.... so far its working great. my house is ancient, its got a basement with a well in it and about a 35...
  10. fefox

    The last time ATI ripped me off.

    Does anyone remember WAY WAY back ATI came out with a high end video card and they didn't play nice and added something to the firmware to make the benchmarking programs show the card was way faster than it really was? early 90's maybe? if my memory is correct it was a short stubby card with a...
  11. fefox

    110v vs 220v Comparison

    Has anyone done a comparison on the bigger wattage power supplies and figured out the power savings and difference in heat output running them on 220v vs 110v?? It would seem to me as pc power supplies get into the 1000w range you could start saving a bit of $$$ on power. if the near future has...
  12. fefox

    Unauthorized Playing With Toys?

    just found this today... How Can There Be Unauthorized Playing With Toys? | Techdirt and I LMAO when I found this in a link from another thread today.
  13. fefox


    so I gave opendns a try tonight.. OMG what a difference on sites like facebook or ebay that do allot of lookups. page loads no longer lag...:clap: my ISP's DNS server must be way overloaded.... has anyone else tried switching to it? www.opendns.com had a few friends try it both in Canada...

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