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    DRAM Prices to Rise Again by 10%

    DRAMeXchange - 【Market View】TrendForce Reports 3Q17 DRAM Revenue Hit a New High With a 16.2% Sequential Increase; DRAM Prices to Rise by 10% on Average in 4Q17
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    Streacom F12C Dominates the High-End HTPC

    Streacom makes fan-less small form factor PC cases. Now they release the F12C, a HTPC case with 4mm thick sandblasted aluminum that should fit nicely in a home theater with Marantz Pre/amp & Amps. (Still waiting for that Free-Sync enabled 4K OLED LG!) It has an open internal layout that can fit...
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    Superflower? Seasonic? No it's Andyson!

    First apologies to Sky and the Canucks for linking a different site's review, but this is just too good to pass. Andyson N700 700W Titanium Review I believe this is the perfect mid~high-end PSU. I mean the price & quality of this Taiwanese PSU is groundbreaking. However it didn't get a...
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    i3 Is The New i5! (HD Only)

    To this day, I see debates of whether to go for the i5 or i7 in gaming rigs, and most conclude that the i5 is a better choice. The article linked suggests that with the power of Haswell, the i3 paired with the GTX 960 is as good as the i5 when gaming in 1080P resolutions. This is a...
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    RIP Swift, Long Live The Predator!

    This is a monster of a display! Acer Predator XB270HU Review - TFT Central First 2560 x 1440 144Hz IPS G-sync panel fast response times no overshoot ULMB very low lag Flicker free backlight and light AG coating fully adjustable and rotatable Cool temps and...
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    Mitx Gaming Rig

    Finally the Zotac GTX 970 is back in stock and I'm about to click the purchase button in the next 24 hours so I appreciate feedback on my choices. The build will be for a living room so will be connected to 3TB external hard disk, Blu-ray player, A/V receiver with 5.1 surround and HD TV (1080P...
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    MSI Selling the R9 290X Cheaper Than R9 290!

    Prices will probably change as soon as the item's out of stock and they re-stock again but there it is for now.......... R9 290X after rebate: $430 MSI Radeon R9 290X GAMING 4GB 512-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card - Newegg.com R9 290: $435 MSI Radeon R9...
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    Jonsbo's Dual Chamber Case; W2 Vs.Carbide Air 540

    They managed to make it smaller than the Air540 by 6cm in height including the legs, and width and as a result can only fit 163mm CPU coolers. Thick aluminum all over, Looks high-end with stream-lined touches such as moving the DD to the back with the other clusters even though someone will...
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    R9 290 Power color pcs+ vs. sapphire tri-x

    So both cards are triple slot, triple fan designs and sell for the same price below $400. I suppose it boils down to memory brand, noise, clocks and overclocks, and most importantly personal experience. Any ideas? I have the 4 pci-e 3.0 slot, plx equipped gigabyte ga-z97x-gaming motherboard. Do...
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    What Is The Height Restriction for a graphics Card in a RVZ01/ML07?

    I'm building a living room PC with the Silverstone Milo ML07 and an R9 290. My first choice is the Sapphire Vapor X but the height of this card is 1.85" (4.7 CM), which is triple slot, and the height restriction of a card in the ML07 or RVZ01 isn't mentioned anywhere. Will it fit with 25mm...
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    What Is The Height Restriction for a graphics Card in a RVZ01/ML07?

    I'm building a living room PC with the Silverstone Milo ML07 and an R9 290. My first choice is the Sapphire Vapor X but the height of this card is 1.85" (4.7 CM), and the height restriction of a card in the ML07 or RVZ01 isn't mentioned anywhere. Will it fit? If not, will it fit without the...
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    2nd Gen 2K displays

    In Amazon, The new Qnix QX2710 Evolution II is advertised to have 6ms response time which is close to the Asus PB's lag time of 5 mili seconds, and an improvement over last year model's 8ms, all while selling for $390. The Asus PB's price has gone down to $500. Now in Newegg the same QX2710 is...
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    AMD R Series Cards' Prices On The Rise Again

    R9 290X prices are now $800 for reference, $850 for custom. R9 290 prices are now $600 reference, $650 for custom. Funny story, R9 280X -the rebranded HD 7970 Ghz edition- has returned to its original launch price of $580 exactly 1 year ago.
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    Jonsbo's 2nd battle; The over-sized mitx Throne

    I know I'm looking more and more like A Jonsbo rep :haha: but nobody's paying attention and they have mine in full. ausgepackt & angefasst: Cooltek W1 - YouTube Test: hard-edged mini-ITX case Cooltek W1 Another Jonsbo case -perhaps more focused in targeting the user it wants than the...
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    Will The Real Fortress Please Stand Up?

    Silverstone it is not. Meet the Jonsbo UMX2, the true successor of the FT02. All aluminum, two 120mm rotated intake fans at the bottom and a 140mm exhaust on top. Unfortunately the motherboard isn't rotated so the video card(s) seam likely to block airflow. I'm just guessing at how good it can...
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    M-ITX Small Footprint Build

    I've been asked to go all out on a strictly air-cooled high-end mitx low-noise build that should be at a size worthy of being called mitx. The rig must fit within an AV Rack with the rest of the components in size & style in a home theater entertainment system. No Prodigy or Fractal or any case...
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    And A Programmer Asked; What would Jesus Do?

    This! The Steam Universe is Expanding in 2014 SteamOS 1) We are unproductive PC users. We are gamers. At least I am. Paying a hefty price for an OS that I won't use productively is unfair. This OS is FREE. $100 saved. There's more.. 2) Members of the same network can share the same copy of...
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    Somebody Pinch me!

    Amazon.com: Crucial M500 960GB SATA 2.5-Inch 7mm (with 9.5mm adapter) Internal Solid State Drive CT960M500SSD1: Computers & Accessories 60 Cents/GB for a 3rd gen Marvel (same as the Plextor M5 and a notch below 840 Pro and Vetcor, but well above and beyond the 840) controller, at 960 GB, and it...
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    Fractal Design Define XL R2 on sale

    Heads up on the awesome deals on the new Define XL R2. Just $10 north of the Arc Midi R2 medium tower. I'm very tempted to make one of these mine and load it with Noctua A14 ULN fans. Fractal Design Define XL R2 Titanium Grey E-ATX Tower Computer Case 4X5.25 10X3.5INT USB3.0 No PS Fractal...
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    Sharp 32-inch 4K 4500 euro Monitor

    Mummy I want one :sad: IGZO-panel 3840x2160 pixel resolution 35 millimetres thick. Sharp 32-inch monitor with 4K resolution costs 4500 euro | Hardware.Info United Kingdom

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