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  1. LegendMask

    Anyone else excited for RX 5950XT?

    The driver issues are real but not as bad as sometimes the community makes it... never the less AMD needs to get their act together on those drivers and they should make it their priority if they wanna keep up
  2. LegendMask

    2080 or 2080S with current prices?

    Thanks for clarifying it up buddy... in regards the Titan it’s a bit of stretch for me, I’m trying to keep my marriage to last as much as I can for now 😂😂
  3. LegendMask

    2080 or 2080S with current prices?

    Those are the post I wanna see “push me and convince me towards the higher end ones” 😂😂 Jokes aside, you have a valid point and I have read about those limitation, but what I don’t get is when you say a scene with 9GB, are we talking about the file size? PS: the Titan will be a huge stretch...
  4. LegendMask

    2080 or 2080S with current prices?

    Yup, doing 3D work but gaming Isn’t out of the equation at all, it’s just that I will be using it for 3D rendering more than gaming for now.... in short it seems That 2080/2080Ti sets nicely for both worlds of gaming and 3D, am I right? Or am i missing something
  5. LegendMask

    2080 or 2080S with current prices?

    @Bond007 Im running 5700XT right now. In regards the chart it’s for gaming performance and gaming isn’t huge priority for me currently. But as you suggested I’m just gonna be ready to pull the trigger once a sale pops out this coming days. @JD Im all set and ready for either a good sale or...
  6. LegendMask

    2080 or 2080S with current prices?

    Yup the jump of CUDA cores from 2080s to 2080Ti is huge almost 42% more, while from 2070s to 2080/2080s is 15%/20%
  7. LegendMask

    2080 or 2080S with current prices?

    @Cptn Vortex Yaiks, I haven’t mentioned on my original post, is that FPS is not my main concern, as much as CUDA cores, since I’m gonna be using rendering softwares (not professionally) more than gaming. @lowfat even if it gets announced I doubt it would be released anytime soon, I might be on...
  8. LegendMask

    2080 or 2080S with current prices?

    With not so much sales going on as two months ago, which of the two do you recommend I should get? $820 for 2080 and $930 for 2080s Considering Im water cooling it, Im not paying attention to which model has better air cooling. I'm just after the cheapest model available as long as it is...
  9. LegendMask

    Must Have programs for Windows?

    Firefox, Winrar... By the way this thread idea is genius, and I’m curios to see what am I missing
  10. LegendMask

    Want to Buy Nothing for Now

    Nothing for now
  11. LegendMask

    Want to Sell XSPC Radiator RX360

    Added new item (GPU)
  12. LegendMask

    Anyone from Edmonton area willing to help?

    PM sent...
  13. LegendMask

    Anyone from Edmonton area willing to help?

    I wanna buy something from Edmonton,AB but seller doesn’t wanna ship to Montreal, if someone could help me by buying it after I pay him/her then ship it, it would be very appreciated. postal code area for item T6W... feel free to pm me if you don’t wanna post here.... thanks
  14. LegendMask

    Want to Trade Please Delete

    Please Delete
  15. LegendMask

    Car advice? Durable, comfortable, 4wd

    No love for the Mazda CX-9? I had the 2016 and now 2019 and I must say they came along way.... so 2016 should still be really good option, my only concern about your needs are that 2016 has a more sporty suspension than the newer models. As I have noticed when I got the 2019 the suspensions are...
  16. LegendMask

    To sell 5700Xt with water block

    sounds fair enough yup I know how hard it is to sell it a GPU with a block... might try to push my luck and find someone who wants to trade 😅
  17. LegendMask

    To sell 5700Xt with water block

    What is a fair price for a reference 5700XT with water block from Barrow? (If I can find a buyer) I’m thinking about switching to 2070 Super as my Radeon so far is not good with 3D softwares such Autodesk and I’m debating if it’s worth it
  18. LegendMask

    Safety Measurement in water cooling setup?

    Just wondering what are your safety measurement in your water cooled setup, if you have any? As I’m noticing the chances of failures in hard tube setup is more than soft tubing due to pressure being built in the loop and how hard tubes handle it, and how fittings are working different in hard...
  19. LegendMask

    Completed Typical Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic - 3000 Ryzen Build

    Thanks buddy... I dodged so many bullets with this build... from bending pins to a bit of water leaking into the GPU.bananabananabanana

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