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  1. thenewguy001

    no experience with HTPCs, need advice

    I'm trying to put together a media centre PC for netflix instead of buying a box. Not sure if this is a good idea. I have no experience at all with home theatre/media PCs I have some old parts lying around: Q6600 CPU some Gigabyte motherboard for the above CPU 4GB DDR2 RAM AMD 5770...
  2. thenewguy001

    Q6600 G0 system

    How much can I get for the system in my signature? Q6600 is G0 stepping. The PCI-E latch pin is broken on the mobo, but doesn't affect performance. I probably want to sell everything except for case and fans. I also have: GeForce 9600GT (back from RMA) D-Link 4-port wired router LG IDE...
  3. thenewguy001

    Patriot Pyro 240gb?

    Is this a decent drive? I'm looking for a 180GB or 240GB SSDfor my new build, and this drive is $200 off at ncix right now. I notice HWC doesn't have a review of this series. I wonder if AKG or other local SSD gurus can chime in as to whether this is ok purchase or something to avoid. If not...
  4. thenewguy001

    is this a good deal/mobo?

    I've been out of the hardware scene for a couple of years now and is looking to build a new gaming PC this year. I don't do folding/video editing. Gaming only at 1920x1080. Memory express has this combo deal right now: Intel Core and it comes with a 2500k and this Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 mobo...
  5. thenewguy001

    Help me choose a TV

    I'm looking to purchase a 32inch TV and futureshop is having a sale starting today. I'm leaning towards this IPS unit from Panasonic: Panasonic 32" 1080p LCD HDTV** (TCL32U22) : 30" - 39" LCD TVs - Future Shop I'll be sitting about 4.5 feet from this TV, so I'm thinking that I may as well go...
  6. thenewguy001

    help me choose a camera?

    I just need a basic digital camera. Never owned one before so not sure what features to look for. Looking at these 3 at ncix right now: NCIX.com - Buy Kodak C182 Digital Camera 12.7MP 3X Optical Zoom 3IN LCD SD USB 2XAA - Silver - 8686800 In Canada. NCIX.com - Buy Canon PowerShot A490 Digital...
  7. thenewguy001

    wireless tv to laptop?

    What is the best way for me to wirelessly stream cable tv to a laptop? What type of hardware and software would I need? I've never had a laptop previously, so am a little clueless as to how best to approach this. I'm basically looking to set up a small laptop tv in my kitchen, as well as get a...
  8. thenewguy001

    deus ex aniversary steam sale

    both DX1 and 2 are on sale for $2.50 on steam. If you haven't played the first one, here's your chance to buy a masterpiece for a price that's practically stealing. I've never played the 2nd one since everyone tells me it's a bastardized illegitimate retarded son of the original. Can anyone...
  9. thenewguy001

    VOIP provider in Vancouver?

    I'm thinking about moving from shaw digital phone ($20/mo) to a $10/mo VOIP provider. Does anyone have a provider they can recommend?
  10. thenewguy001

    Edmonton water usage during olympic gold medal hockey game

    Just thought I'd share this graph of the city of Edmonton's water usage during the olympic gold medal hockey game. It's funny cause I had the same pattern of water (toilet) usage myself. Holding it in until the intermissions. I liked how the number of people holding it in increases as the game...
  11. thenewguy001

    Security Flaw in DD-WRT

    Time to update your firmware if you use ddwrt DD-WRT httpd vulnerability (milw0rm.com report)
  12. thenewguy001

    Mount&Blade 50% off on Steam

    Mount and Blade on Steam This is a great game. I highly recommend it at this price :thumb: It's a great 1st/3rd person hack/slash action/rpg where you can lead bands of men and terrorize the countryside as a warlord or join a nation and conquer the land. Great for relieving stress as you chop...
  13. thenewguy001

    60GB OCZ vertex $199.95 after $30 MIR

    Cheapest I've seen them so far, only 3 left, 3 limit per customer. First person can take all! Anitec.ca - OCZ Vertex Series 2.5" Solid State SATA II Hard Drive - 60GB
  14. thenewguy001

    Review of my first Newegg.ca experience

    Well I just got my first successful newegg.ca order. I was going to stick with the local businesses but ncix pissed me off recently by refusing to price match to directcanada of all places. They're the same :censored::censored::censored::censored: company! :angry2:. And then of course, when I...
  15. thenewguy001

    How long does TIM last in the tube?

    I have a small 4g tube of MX-2 thermal compound sitting in my fridge since last year. I used 3 kernels of it seating 3 cpus and I won't be using it again probably for another year at least given the diminishing returns as opposed to cost of upgrading for the foreseeable future. There's still 3g+...
  16. thenewguy001

    experiences with visiontek?

    They're the first ATI partner to offer lifetime warranties, but how is their actual RMA support? Does anyone have any personal experiences, or stories they've heard and can share? I'm thinking of buying a 4870
  17. thenewguy001

    Over-volted RAM will fry Nehalem i7 CPUs

    Slashdot | Overclocked Memory Breaks Core i7 CPUs It seems that entire lines of DDR3 RAM from manufacturers will be incompatible with intel's new CPUs as the integrated memory controller can't handle high voltages. This is bad news for anyone who bought super expensive DDR3 RAM early. This...
  18. thenewguy001

    router for firewall. worth it?

    My USRobotics router I left my sister has also died (along with her PC in another thread) and she wants a replacement. My question is, do you think it's worth it just for a single computer, to be behind a cheap $40 NAT firewall router for security? I have my single home computer behind a NAT...
  19. thenewguy001

    need advice on budget build

    The computer I left for my sister has finally kicked the bucket. She has a backup computer that is a: celeron D 2.66Ghz 1GB DDR400 intel 965 chipset This system is pitifully slow, and I want to build her something that is dual-core and much faster, but relatively cheap. Mainly this PC will be...
  20. thenewguy001

    $165.95 Zotac GeForce 8800 GT AMP! Edition 512MB - NO MIR

    Anitec.ca - Zotac GeForce 8800 GT AMP! Edition 512MB PCI-Express *Chance to win a Nintendo Wii Console* pretty sweet deal. only 33 left!

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