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  1. ScytheNoire

    Any input on all the new sound card Creative just launched?

    ya, avoid that Audio one, it's a cheap PoS. I've had the X-Fi XtremeMusic since fall 2005 and the sound over the previous Audigy cards is much cleaner and crisper, especially with the crystalizer enabled. It is noticable with good speakers or headphones.
  2. ScytheNoire

    Wireless Router Recommendations?

    Going to be setting up a wireless network for a family members new house in a couple months and I've always been one of those old school wired guys. But they have laptops and want wireless. Crazy kids. So I've done a lot of reading around, reviews and such, and here's the problem, it seems...
  3. ScytheNoire

    Enzotech Ultra-X Active CPU Cooler Review by PC Perspectives

    that's a different design heatpipes are all the rage, if you don't got heatpipes comes out of everywhere, it's time to upgrade! :) hmmm... i guess i need some new RAM
  4. ScytheNoire

    Which Anti-virus do you use

    i've been really happy with aVast when compared to other one's that i've tried. now if i can just find a firewall for Vista that i really like, just nothing out there yet that i've been impressed with.
  5. ScytheNoire

    24 ATI Radeon PCI-E Video Cards Benchmarked by Legit Reviews

    that would require ATI/AMD to actually RELEASE the damn card already. they are only six months behind now. :doh: just release it already! of course, then you go nVidia waiting with their next card to one-up ATI/AMD. maybe ATI/AMD is just waiting to release the R700.
  6. ScytheNoire

    Thecus N2100 NAS review by TechGage

    i like these and i think they are going to become more popular in the future. little mini-PC's that just connect to a network and store files for an entire home. for me, it has to: 1) have eSATA support 2) hold at least four SATA HDD's 3) built in cooling 4) no limit on HDD size support, allow...
  7. ScytheNoire

    24 ATI Radeon PCI-E Video Cards Benchmarked by Legit Reviews

    they need to toss in a GeForce 8800GTX just to ruin all ATI's fun
  8. ScytheNoire

    This case got a 10 in Maximum PC Mag.

    i was kinda shocked when MaximumPC gave this case a 10, because i think it's maybe a 9 at best, and that's only because of it's low price when compared to the top-end cases from Lian-Li and Silverstone. thanks, but i'll stick with the Silverstone TJ09. it may of only got a 9 in MaximumPC, but...
  9. ScytheNoire

    Intel 45nm CPUs to clock above 3GHz: Register

    this is my next CPU/RAM/Mobo upgrade, the 45nm Penryn. i'll make my Athlon64x2 s939 last until a year from now.
  10. ScytheNoire

    Lian Li PC-343B Modular Cube Case: review by PCApex

    seen that case around and it's just insane. it has near unlimited storage for just about any mod you can think of. it's two cases in one. it's just insane though, and would require a fortune to put to it's fullest use.
  11. ScytheNoire

    ATI RV630 (Radeon X2600), RV610, and G84, G86 delayed.

    makes me feel better about buying an EVGA 8800GTX Superclocked. i was afraid i'd get it and the next week they'd release the 8900GTX. also wish they'd come up with new names for cards. this generation with DirectX 10 would have been perfect for them to ditch the now way too old GeForce and...
  12. ScytheNoire

    IBM doubles CPU cooling capabilities with simple manufacturing change

    except it's not theory if they've done the real world testing, which they have. the link show the pictures of the real world product, which is just basically a change in how they finish up the CPU, not a big change and an easy one to make.
  13. ScytheNoire

    IBM doubles CPU cooling capabilities with simple manufacturing change

    and Moore's Law will keep on staying alive
  14. ScytheNoire

    Worst PC's of all time

    Interesting... Oddly, I don't see custom home-built systems any where up there. :P
  15. ScytheNoire

    Intel vs. AMD: a comparison from high to low end

    i'm more interested in when things move to 45nm, then we'll see some real performance boosts. now that is when i'll upgrade.
  16. ScytheNoire

    Amazing printer technology from Memjet

    ya, the cost of the ink is a huge factor, not to mention what evil tactics might be used to control the ink market. that's why i would never own an HP, Lexmark, or any other printer that puts time constraints on their ink to force them to stop working even when there is ink in them. Canon is...
  17. ScytheNoire

    EVGA 680i: review by Bjorn3D

    ya, all the reviews of this board have been pretty good and about the only thing better is the Asus Striker, which uses the same chipset, but is a bit costly. this is the best after that one. nice to see EVGA making some buttkicking motherboards.
  18. ScytheNoire

    Cooler Master Mystique 632 Case review from Overclockersclub

    that's actually a pretty nice case. only thing i don't like is the side window, it doesn't need to start so close to the front. nothing to see with the drives and side of the cage. i prefer the window like the Silverstone TJ09 where it only shows over top of the motherboard, not that unneeded area.
  19. ScytheNoire

    8800 gts 320 MB and 640MB- both in SLI vs single card

    considering that the 8800GTX come with 768MB of RAM, and new cards coming out will have 1GB of RAM on them, i think that having 512MB is the new minimum. although really on these middle to lower end cards, i always question when they have a lot of RAM, often slower RAM, and don't have the GPU to...
  20. ScytheNoire

    In Win F430 Case: review by Overclockers Online

    ya, i agree with the thoughts that this is one fugly case and not something i'd want to be responsible for buying. it looks on par with the typical $100 price range cases. nothing special.

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