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  1. '47 Knucklehead

    nVidia price cuts

    Not to be out done, nVidia is slashing prices on their cards too for the holiday. Nvidia’s Entire 900 Series GPU Lineup Gets Price Cuts For The Holidays – Including The GTX 980 Ti, 980, 970, 960 And 950 GTX 980Ti = $589, $559 after rebate GTX 980 = $439, $409 after rebate GTX 970 = $289, $259...
  2. '47 Knucklehead

    AMD_Roy is gone (or at least muzzled)?

    Nothing official, I doubt he has been fired, but it appears that he has finally been muzzled. https://twitter.com/amd_roy For those who don't know, AMD_Roy (who actually used to work at nVidia), has been a very outspoken (and often flat out wrong) voice for AMD over the years. Most...
  3. '47 Knucklehead

    Former FrozenCPU employees start their own company

    I'm not sure how many people followed the "drama" that happened over at FrozenCPU, one of the US's biggest water cooling and computer customizing sites out there, but after all the fallout (and drunk driving convictions and destruction of property by the owner), it seems that many of the...
  4. '47 Knucklehead

    AMD's GPU marketshare continues to fall

    Even after the refresh of the 200 series cards into the 300 series and the launch of their brand new "Fury" line with the much vaunted HBM memory. nVidia climbs to 82% of the market share while AMD falls to just 18%. This from 77%/23% Q1 2015 and 76%/24% Q4 2014. Not looking good for team red...
  5. '47 Knucklehead

    Work in progress Project Neu Heights

    This computer system will be a starter rendering station of a friend of mine who is starting an aerial photography company, Neu Heights Aerial Imaging, using his drone, a DJI Inspire 1. Since the drone is a professional grade one that shoots amazing 4K video he is looking for something a little...
  6. '47 Knucklehead

    Caselabs Apologizes to Thermaltake

    Well, this certainly is an interesting turn of events. Can't say I'm at all surprised, especially since Caselabs didn't have a leg to stand on and has basically directly and indirectly slandered and libeled Thermaltake left and right (not to mention violated their customer confidentiality by...
  7. '47 Knucklehead

    AMD has a fix for the noisy Fury X

    Well, the debate of "Is there a noise issue with the pump on the Fury X or not" is over. There is, and AMD has come up with a solution for it. So now, all you have to do is send your card back to where you got it and get a new one. AMD Revises Pump-block Design for Radeon R9 Fury X...
  8. '47 Knucklehead

    Work in progress Muzzle Flash III: White Death

    I started the original "Muzzle Flash" back in November of 2012 here, and made great progress on it. That build was a no compromise build based around the awesome Switch 810 case in gunmetal gray that I heavily modified (including a custom made base). Since that time, I've changed out many of the...

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