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  1. writhen

    Want to Sell Spring Clean Out Sale: Westone 4R Headphones, Camera, KB, calculators and more!

    Hey guys, another spring clean out of unused tech. I'll update this list as I clean. Prices are competitive as I have to move items before relocating to a new city. Here goes... PLEASE READ FIRST: Prices are competitive and items don't include shipping costs - talk to me about shipping via pm...
  2. writhen

    Want to Sell Lenovo X220 + others, gaming keyboards, 120Hz monitor, Slate PC, and more!

    Hey guys, time to summer clean out my collecting pile of unused technology. Here goes... NOTE: All prices are OBO and items don't include shipping costs - talk to me about shipping via pm. Paypal, EMT, or in person (Victoria, BC) transactions only. Items will only be shipped after payment...
  3. writhen

    Want to Sell HP EliteBook 2760p Table PC opened, unused

    Background: Alright guys, I got a laptop for my birthday from my mother who owns a medical clinic; they over ordered on laptops and now have no used for a bunch of them. I have no use for it since I have a Lenovo from work. It has been sitting in one of their cupboards opened, but never used...
  4. writhen

    Want to Sell Macbook Air 13" hard/soft shell cases and keyboard protector

    Hey guys, this is going to be a clear out of electronics/techno related things lying unused at my house. NOTE: -> All items include shipping costs unless over $10 (buyer pays difference after $10). Courier used is CanPost unless otherwise requested. -> Paypal, EMT, or in person (Vancouver...
  5. writhen

    Want to Sell 3 x Acer 243HL 1080p ultra slim LCD monitors

    Hey guys, I have for sale 3 Acer 243HL's. Great monitors, great for office or gaming use. Bought 2 months ago, currently used in a triple monitor setup. Condition: 9.9/10. I deducted 0.1 for any blemishes I haven't noticed, they're in showroom condition though. No dead pixels. All boxes...
  6. writhen

    Completed SB P67 + Eyefinity

    Some of you might have read a thread a few days back whining about how the Cougar Point recall screwed me. Well I succeeded in getting a mother board with the help of a few of you and have successfully finished the build. Just thought I'd share as it is my first eyefinity build. Pictures are a...
  7. writhen

    Cougar Point recall has screwed me, need advice.

    As a couple of you may know I posted a thread a couple of days back asking for opinions on sandy mobos. So I drove to memory yesterday to buy the Gigabyte UD7 and the guy brings mine out from the back room (had it on hold) rings it in and goes "So its 311.xx Visa or Debit?....Oh crap, I don't...
  8. writhen

    Want to Sell Two HIS Radeon HD 6870 Graphics Cards

    Sale Conditions: Located in Calgary, AB, Canada. Prefer AB sale in person. Methods of Payment Accepted: EMT or Cash (in person) Price firm but no reasonable offer will be disregarded Information Bought at memory express for $250 a piece + $50 IPR. One card tested for one day, other card...
  9. writhen

    1155 dilemma: ASRock vs Asus

    Sorry if this has already been discussed, did a search and failed. I am noob however. In the market for a higher end gaming 1155 board and am up in arms about these two: Newegg.ca - ASRock Fatal1ty P67 Professional LGA 1155 Intel P67 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard vs Newegg.ca -...

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