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  1. GT7R

    RCA splitter + 2 speaker sets?

    Hi, I've got 2 identical 2.1 speaker sets, and an RCA out (Xonar essence STX). Will connecting both using such a splitter cause a problem, has anyone tried it? Worried a bit about sound sync between the 2 sets. (positioning of course will be right with right, left with left etc) Cheers
  2. GT7R

    AMD RX Vega 64 & Vega 56 Performance Review COMMENT THREAD

    Graphs say "vega32" instead of the 56. That is more or less what I've expected. While catching up Intel on the CPU architecture front, AMD has still a way to go with their graphics department. :(
  3. GT7R

    AMD Reveals RX Vega Price, Performance & Specs (COMMENT THREAD)

    Of course it is. But is it a surprise? Not at all. AMD are masters at over hyping stuff for long months just to land a disappointment later on. Benchmarks and relative performance have leaked for quite a while now, and as Linus noted, the Frontier edition has told us the whole story. I couldn't...
  4. GT7R

    AMD Vega GPU Features

    You are one lucky bastard to be able to lay hands on that masterpiece. :thumb:
  5. GT7R

    AMD Vega GPU Features

    As weird as is sounds, but finally proper enthusiast grade balls-to-the-wall stuff which doesn't give a rats ass about power consumption or heat output. Technology and engineering pushed to the absolute limit. That's why we have all the board partners to build those ridiculous heat-pipe galore...
  6. GT7R

    AX1200i fan

    After a couple of years of absence, first hi to all :) My Corsair AX1200i psu get pretty hot and affects the temps of the rest of the system. The fan almost never spins up due to the load in the psu being supposedly too low. Is there a known way of making the fan work regardless of the load on...
  7. GT7R

    GTX 780 vs 780ti - 3D moddeling/Rendering.

    This is quite simple - The 780Ti has 25% more cores over the 780, which means that this is the performance gap you should expect at the rendering department. Gaming has more to do with driver optimizations, game engines and so on. Hope it has clarified you understanding :)
  8. GT7R

    Your favorite switches?

    Blacks all the way for me, after trying all of them. Currently on a Storm Trigger.
  9. GT7R

    Logitech G602

    Is it really as good as reviews are claiming it to be? First-hand experience anyone? :thumb:
  10. GT7R

    Gaming Upgrade

    That PSU will power a 770 no problem at all. Good choice for the CPU and GPU, just try getting a 4GB model as current games already push 2 gig cards to their mem limit @1080p. As said above get a decent air cooler (NH-U12S, that same hyper 212+) unless you're into extreme overclocking.
  11. GT7R

    Lasers aren't cool

    My RAT 7 drove me crazy when it gone wonky in a middle of FPS firefights. Switched to a G9X and couldn't be happier. (The pad is a Steel Series QCK Heavy)
  12. GT7R

    help between these 2 PC's

    Just get an Ivy/Haswell i5 and the best GPU you can afford, as well as a decent PSU. The rest isn't that important - just get the cheapest branded H81/B85 board, hard drive, ram etc.
  13. GT7R

    GIGABYTE GTX 780 Ti GHz Edition Review Comment Thread

    Wow, just wow. A Single-core card topping the charts with such consistency. Renders all the dual card useless. Again, wow.
  14. GT7R

    Battlefield 4 & Windows 8.1 - what an improvment it is!

    GPU wise you'll be fine, CPU wise it's on the cusp.
  15. GT7R

    Want to Sell Multiple gpus EVGA ref. 580s and more!

    Yes indeed. Would have taken it with a heartbeat is I were anywhere near Canada.
  16. GT7R

    Battlefield 4

    Agreed. But all of that is ruined by the shitty netcode of the game. Un-freakin-playable. Edit; The Battlefield 4 One Hit Kill Bug in detail. - YouTube
  17. GT7R

    AMD R9 290X Review Comment Thread

    Dear god. :shok: Jokes aside, I do respect them for trying, if the thing will appear to be real.
  18. GT7R

    AMD Radeon R9 270 2GB Review Comment Thread

    Thanks for the info.
  19. GT7R

    AMD Radeon R9 270 2GB Review Comment Thread

    Looks like AMD have shot themselves in the leg with this one. Why bother buying a 270X when you can pick a nice aftermarket 270 for less and OC the crap out of it. BTW, when will Battlefield 4 join the benchmark suite?
  20. GT7R

    Windows 7 or Windows 8?

    I've used to as well, but then I've got along fine without it.

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