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    PS5 has slower loading times than XSX

    Not what I was expecting after all the info about the PS5 SSD tech being new and faster than anything else.
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    Want to Buy GTX 1070, 1080, or 1660 (Ti)

    $300 plus shipping.
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    Want to Buy GTX 1070, 1080, or 1660 (Ti)

    I am selling a 1070Ti
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    Gaming PC

    I have offered it to a friend for $250 without the psu or $325 with it, I can also just install a different psu if he decides to buy one.
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    Gaming PC

    How much would this be worth, I understand that the PSU is a little overkill for the build so I would also accept removing it from the total price if somebody wants to use a lower end model. CPU AMD Ryzen 3 1200 38 °C Summit Ridge 14nm Technology RAM...
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    Want to Buy Nothing ATM

    nothing right now
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    Free to play - Apex Legends - Origin

    I like it a lot more than any other recent BR game, played it for several hours last night.
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    being tracked on cell phones

    Targeted ads are everywhere, if you connect to a free wi-fi service then targeted ads will soon be sending ads to you for specific locations that may interest you in a mall for example, if you are using their free wi-fi, its all very similar to the ads in the Minority Report movie.
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    What music subscription service are you using?

    I am going to cancel Spotify and try Amazon Unlimited Music for a month or two, its a little cheaper each month.
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    You know Kodi but do you know Emby ?

    There is a potential opensource Emby replacement in the works, check it out here. https://github.com/jellyfin/jellyfin
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    The Plex Beast

    So this is going to be a server of some kind?
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    Lego: The Hobbit - Free from Humblebundle - 2 Days to claim

    Claimed this earlier for my boys to play.
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    Plex media server

    Have you considered using unRAID as the OS on the new server build and then installing Dockers for PLEX, Emby, whatever else is required? unRAID allows you to pin CPU's to certain dockers, VMs etc so they dont all try to use the same ones at the same time.
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    Player 3 has entered the game

    Congratulations! Glad too hear baby and mum are doing well!
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    Star Citizen

    I purchased using a Basic Pledge on November 12th 2014.
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    Hiding my downloads

    Use a VPN, that could help.
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    SJWs begin hijack of Linux??

    Just take a look at Magic the Gathering and see the shambles that is in due to SJW.
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    CD Projekt RED’s Witcher 2 Follow-Up Revealed: Cyberpunk 2077

    I was hoping for a Fall/Winter 2018 release, like bam, we have it all done, here you go, suck it Bethesda.
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    Want to Sell Nothing atm

    nothing right now
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    CPU,motherboard,RAM combo

    2x Kingston 8GB DDR3 KHX1866C10D3/8G Intel Core i5 4460 Gigabyte Z97N-WIFI

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