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  1. aCid888*

    Koolance CPU-360 Caompatability Issues!

    UPDATE: The issue has been resolved, read HERE. This is a direct quote from TechPowerUp! regarding the new block from Koolance that has issues with X58 & P55 Gigabyte boards. To put it in to context he was getting a huge temperature increase and couldn't figure out why....that is until he...
  2. aCid888*

    Want to Sell aCid888*'s Official FS/WTB Thread.

    :clap::bananafunky:Welcome to my FS/WTB Thread.:clap::bananafunky: Things I Want To Sell: Things I Want To Buy: Rules: No refunds unless item is DOA, I also accept offers as no price is set in stone so PM to make a deal. Shipping: I am located in Laval, Qc...

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