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  1. maverick_brent

    Price Check 5930K Gigabyte X99- Gaming G1

    Looking for a price check as im getting the upgrade bug, gear is a bit older, but still works great. Intel 5930K and Gigabyte X99 Gaming G1 Wifi MIght also have a Msi Gaming 1080ti thanks for the input in advance
  2. maverick_brent

    Want to Buy Gaming headset

    Well ive had some rotten luck with headsets lately. Hoping there is something of interest here. Let me know if you have any headset your looking to get rid of. Wireless or wired.
  3. maverick_brent

    Want to Sell 980ti Strix sli

    Looking for interest here. I primarily game at 4k so am looking to roll into the 1080ti game. Hoping to get 400 each for these cards. Preference to selling together. Both come with boxes. Had mild ocing at best. Mostly run stock. Never mined. Gamed only. Buyer pays shipping Payment would be...
  4. maverick_brent

    Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Hey guys, I signed up for the closed beta for this, however dont believe i got selected. Am looking for a key if anyone on the forums got selected for pc and want to send me one of their 3 friend invites. Cheers! Mav
  5. maverick_brent

    Want to Sell Reference Radeon R9 290x CROSSFIRE!(SOLD)

    Hi All, Looking to sell a pair of Radeon 290x reference cards. I have been using these cards for about 10 months with no issues. Amazing performance. Can handle anything I throw at them. Cards are as Follows 1 Asus Radeon 290X reference I do have the box. Warranty is based on serial...
  6. maverick_brent

    PC R9 290X Reference X2

    Looking for a price check on two refence R9 290X One is an Asus Card and One Is a XFX Card. Not much more to say, they are reference, given me no problems, bought off a member of this forum and not oc'ed during my time with them. I am hoping for 450?-500?
  7. maverick_brent

    4k question

    So I have a Samsung hu8550 4k TV and am looking to use my 290x crossfire to drive 4k @ 60fps. I have read in a couple of my TV reviews that the hdmi is 2.0.. I'm just wondering if anyone can point me.in the direction for the proper active displayport adaptor
  8. maverick_brent

    New Build

    WSell new build is up i7 5930k gigabyte ga-x99-g1 wifi 32gb corsair ddr4 2133 1 intel 530 120gb 1 corsair f90 ssd 1 wd black 1tb 2x radeon r9 290x in crossfire coller mastyer pro silent 850q so there needs to be a few upgrades psu,ssd storage, have already ordered some great cooling...
  9. maverick_brent

    Want to Sell SUPER AWESOME FS!!!

    Well Time for an overhaul, So Intel retail edge is a great opportunity for me to upgrade this still able system. here it is Asus Maximus IV Extreme p67 I5 2500k (4.5ghz easy oc) and 12gb olf ddr3 8gb of gskill sniper 1600mhz 4gb of gskill rip jaws 2000mhz I accept EMT of Paypal Gift I...
  10. maverick_brent

    Retail Edge 2014 Holiday Deal

    Looks like its 2 processors up for grabs i7 4790k Pricing: Rock Legend: $79.00 USD Rockstar: $99.00 USD Producer: $114.00 USD i7 5930k Pricing: Rock Legend: $159.00 USD Rockstar: $179.00 USD Producer: $194.00 USD so on a side note Its going to be an expensive christmas, and my 2500k and...
  11. maverick_brent

    Asus GTX 670 DCU2 + DCU2 TOP

    Two card.. wondering what a price would be on them for a pair only. One is an ASUS GTX DCU2 one is the TOP edition from a review on this site. looking for a price as a pair only. was thinking 400-450?
  12. maverick_brent

    Attack On the Hill

    Lots of reports of multiple shooters hitting parliament hill... horrible stuff I hope everyone is safe, and condolences to the soldiers family whom was guarding the memorial.
  13. maverick_brent

    Want to Trade EMT for Paypal

    Hey guys... looking for a $20 emt to paypal trade ! let me know please! Thanks fella's Mav
  14. maverick_brent

    the gf just bought this

    she just bought this for our son...def for me buddy asked if $20 was too much....
  15. maverick_brent

    Fablke Anniversary

    Fable Anniversary - Lionhead Really enjoyed the first fable....mostly enjoyed the second.... never played the third.... But with this coming in february..i might grab it and see if i get re-ignited into the series. Any other fable guys out there? -Mav
  16. maverick_brent

    i5 2500k + ROG Maximus Extreme IV

    CPu does 4.5 @ 1.37 could do more with better tweaking. motherboard has box and most accessories. This is just a feeler, as i think i may be coming down with the upgrade bug.... Mav... edit very clean equipment, im a sucker for dust
  17. maverick_brent

    Want to Buy LF Geforce Gtx 670

    Looking for a 670 to sli 200-225 max. would need shipping to b0k 1v0
  18. maverick_brent

    G-Sync DYI Kits

    Dunno if this was mentioned already but just saw it via Nvidia FB feed. Do-It-Yourself Kit | GeForce "For a limited time, we are making a G-SYNC Do-It-Yourself Kit available. If you have an ASUS VG248QE monitor, you can purchase the kit and mod your monitor. Assuming you are proficient with...
  19. maverick_brent

    Mr. Mine

    a dr.meth/cookie clicker type game..kind of addicting... Mr. Mine - V0.30
  20. maverick_brent

    Want to Trade Paypal transfer for EMT Approx 50.00 for 60.00(DONE)

    As title states..looking for an exchange, will send emt first!. Cheers all! Mav Thanks to TheDude! Cheers All

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