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  1. J

    GTX 1080 Windforce

    I have a friend who asked me to make an offer on it, looks like it sits just below a 2060 (which is odd because when the 2060 came out the 1080 was better, I guess good job to nvidia's driver team) which can be had for $440 new. I'm seeing used 1070's for like $350 though which is where I would...
  2. J


    Anyone playing? This game is sweet. I really liked BLC but didn't play a ton because it had some problems. This game fixes BLC's problems and then adds some really cool features on top of it. They are going to add content incrementally like LoL and DOTA and you can get all the characters (now...
  3. J

    iPhone 6+ Bending

    Now I don't mean to say I told you so, but I remember having an argument a while back with some people who thought that aluminum was a better building material than a strong plastic. My main argument was that it was more prone to permanent deformation (bending/denting) etc. and people argued...
  4. J

    PowerColor 7970 V3

    So I have a Powercolor 7970 V3 one of the fans bearings is wonky and won't spin up very high, it effects the card enough that the fan needs to be replaced. The cooler has been removed and MX-2 applied and also has undergone a bios flash (only on one position of the switch the stock bios is still...
  5. J

    GPU Fan RPM wont change

    Hey so I bought this card from bigfoig and it got here while I wasn't home. I got hom today and have been testing it out and when I ran furmark it started to get really hot. I stopped furmark at about 80C, but I noticed I didn't hear the fan speed increase at all. I went into CCC and juiced the...
  6. J

    Kingdoms Rise

    Hey so I saw this game Kingdoms Rise on steam and it looked really cool. It is pretty much like a PVP arcade style RPG. There is no leveling, no unlockable content but it definitely looks like it could provide a few hours of fun at the very least or maybe even become extremely addictive. You...
  7. J

    New GPU and no system power

    Hey so I bought a powercolor 7970 from bigfoig on BST. Since I wasnt home and I had to test the card to make sure it wasn't DoA so I talked my girlfriend through uninstalling the old one and putting the 7970 in. Well she had some problems with cables being in the way when trying to install the...
  8. J

    PSA Club3d R9 280x in stock at CC

    I know a lot of people are looking for 280x's CC has 5 left. Canada Computers | Video Cards | Club 3D Radeon R9 280X royalQueen 3GB GDDR5 (CGAX-R928X7) | 850 MHz Clock, 6000 MHz Memory | PCI-Express 3.0, DVI, HDMI, mini DisplayPort
  9. J

    Want to Buy Found Thanks :)

    Found thanks.
  10. J

    Is it just me or does this black friday suck?

    I guess my point of view is biased because I am solely looking for a new video card. I have seen some great deals on processors and motherboards but the videocard market has been terrible. I mean honestly all they are doing is selling cards at MSRP and calling it a deal when they were gouging to...
  11. J

    Display "Overclocking"

    Are there any drawbacks or real world benefits to doing this How To Overclock Your Monitor! 60Hz to 80Hz! - YouTube ?
  12. J

    Getting a new Laptop!

    Acer Store: Aspire V7-482PG-6662 Ultrabook Just ordered that laptop, it has great reviews, great battery life, good screen and some balls when you need it. Also that 24gb is in an mSATA slot instead of on the mobo so I can upgrade to a nice SSD for speed and keep the storage space of my HDD :)...
  13. J

    Converting .tiff to .pdf

    Okay so my girlfriend bought a scanner so she can scan some files for school. She wants the files to be in pdf format and have them organized together in the sections they belong. The scanner will only scan them as .tiff . I did some googling and only found a bunch of links I dont really trust...
  14. J

    Need help finding a new game

    Okay so here is this is what I'm looking for, I am looking for a single player rpg that plays like I am watching a movie in the fantasy genre. I love to read fantasy novels and I love a game that tells a story. I am a big fan of all things Final Fantasy (especially Tactics and VII: Crisis Core...
  15. J

    Age of Wushu

    I saw a commercial for this game just over a week ago and decided to try it out, been playing for a week and it is pretty awesome if you like to PvP. If you decide to play let me know and I can help you out.
  16. J

    Home Keg Dispensing

    Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone has set one of these up before and could give me any tips. Me and my room mates thought we could save on beer costs if we set one of these up (about $0.75/bottle for good beer as opposed to $1.20 for crap). Now of course start up costs are a tad expensive...
  17. J

    Fantasy Hockey

    How are your fantasy hockey teams looking? Head to Head in my league I think I should win on PIM, Hits, +/-, and goaltending but at the end of the day who knows.
  18. J

    You know it is cold when...

    Your computer is idling at 2C because you left the window open while you were out all day... I would do some overclocking but my fingers are numb.
  19. J

    Girlfriend needs a new laptop

    Hey so my girlfriend is looking for a new laptop, she is in university so she is looking for something thin and light with decent battery life that she can take to class. She would like to keep it under $700 but would be willing to go up to $800. I told her it would be tough but she just said to...
  20. J

    iPad Mini Commercial

    iPAD MINI COMMERCIAL PARODY - YouTube It's a parody but funny and fairly accurate.

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