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  1. GT7R

    RCA splitter + 2 speaker sets?

    Hi, I've got 2 identical 2.1 speaker sets, and an RCA out (Xonar essence STX). Will connecting both using such a splitter cause a problem, has anyone tried it? Worried a bit about sound sync between the 2 sets. (positioning of course will be right with right, left with left etc) Cheers
  2. GT7R

    AX1200i fan

    After a couple of years of absence, first hi to all :) My Corsair AX1200i psu get pretty hot and affects the temps of the rest of the system. The fan almost never spins up due to the load in the psu being supposedly too low. Is there a known way of making the fan work regardless of the load on...
  3. GT7R

    Logitech G602

    Is it really as good as reviews are claiming it to be? First-hand experience anyone? :thumb:
  4. GT7R

    GTX680 vs GTX590

    Which would you take for the same (low) price?
  5. GT7R

    More Titans on the way?

  6. GT7R

    Leaked Corsair 350D pics

    A baby 900D is what springs to mind :thumb:
  7. GT7R

    Official 7990 on ebay

    AMD Radeon HD 7990 'Malta' Engineering Sample | eBay
  8. GT7R

    Titan or 690?

    My friend desperately want's to buy my 7970 Lightning fir CF and I want more power for Crysis 3 (which I happen to really love). I know the advantages and disadvantages of the single vs. dual GPU, but I still finding it hard to spend 1k for a card which is 20% slower than a 690. What you would...
  9. GT7R

    Driver crash in BF3

    7970, 13.1 WHQL drivers. Every benchmark runs fine and stable with low temps, but BF3 crashes randomly at least every half an hour, and after closing it through the task manager windows says "Display driver has crashed and recovered". Tried wiping and re-installing the drivers, no cigar...
  10. GT7R

    WTH is happening here :/

    Just got a mini DP to DP cable and connected it. PC wont start but just make a quiet squeaking noise :dots: Then the only way I can turn it on is if I disconnect the cable from the GPU and wait for about a minute. Then connect the cable after it's fully booted - it works. But then suddenly I...
  11. GT7R

    Mini DP to DVI problem

    My videocard has 2x Single link DVI and 4x Mini DisplayPorts. I'm using an active Mini DP to DVI adapter and the max resolution I'm able to set on my U2711 is 1600x1200. :sad: Any clues...? Thanks in advance!
  12. GT7R

    GeForce Titan

    Looks like NVIDIA might release the GK110 core for the "masses" as GeForce Titan... Nvidia gör Geforce Titan med Kepler GK110 - Grafikkort - SweClockers.com
  13. GT7R

    HD800 + Xonar Essence STX

    A question to the experienced audiophiles - Will the STX do justice with the HD800s? I'm ready to put the $$ on them but I do not want the fuss and additional cost of external amps...
  14. GT7R

    How is it possible?

    Where did 30GB+ disappeared to? The drive is a Corsair Force 3 180GB. :dots:
  15. GT7R

    F1 2012

    Any F1 fans here? Am I the only one who's disappointed with it after the great F1 2011?
  16. GT7R

    Yet another "will it run" query

    Although it actually does run well, but the PSU (Seasonic X-750) does get pretty hot and my question is whether should I consider upgrading it as I don't like running it close to it's limit. (Full specs in the drop down box, CPU is at 4.6) Opinions will be very welcome :thumb:
  17. GT7R

    GTX285 2GB

    How much would you value a 3 year old 2GB GTX285? (Gigabyte)
  18. GT7R

    AMD drops prices on the HD7XXX again?

    AMD Slashes Prices on Its Radeon HD 7000 Series Video Cards - Softpedia I hope, lets see the price wars begin :D
  19. GT7R

    Medal Of Honor Warfigher

    Haven't found any threads about this game, just interesting what do you guys (and especially BF3 vets) think about/expect from it?
  20. GT7R

    Do I need all of those?

    When installing a fresh OS copy, besides the chipset, lan & audio drivers, there are those SATA/Intel rapid storage drivers, USB3 drivers etc.. Do they actually affect anything? Do you think I should install them? Thanks

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