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  1. PerryC

    Want to Buy Found

    Found, thanks for looking Perry
  2. PerryC

    Invalid Security token?

    Went to Quick Links > Mark Forums Read Got this error message on 2 different computers (1 using IE10, the other IE9):
  3. PerryC

    New Xbox announcement 21 May

    Just stumbled across this Xbox Live's Major Nelson » #XboxReveal :
  4. PerryC

    PC for Flight Sim

    I am trying to help out some of the local air cadet squadrons. This is going to be used only to run flight sims. Here is a rough idea of what they are looking at: Processor and MB as required 8-16 gig RAM, HD need not to be very big, we will not store files on it 3 output graphics card -...
  5. PerryC

    A55M-HVS dropping sata

    My son used his own money and purchased himself the following parts: Asrock A55M-HVS mobo, A4-3300 dual core at 2.5 Ghz, Coolermaster Extreme2 525W psu, Win 7 64bit OEM, and a Bitfenix Merc Alpha case. Combined with the GSkill ram, optical drive and hhd that I already had we set out to put...
  6. PerryC

    TPU hacked

    Just saw this on the TPU news Please Reset Your TechPowerUp Forums Password | techPowerUp So those of you who have accounts over there (I am sure there are a few) might want to go change your passwords if you haven't done so already. Not blaming TPU, just helping to spread the word.
  7. PerryC

    New PCs coming with pre-installed malware

    Just saw this on the BBC: BBC News - Malware inserted on PC production lines, says study Somehow this doesn't surprise me.
  8. PerryC

    MPAA going after video embeds now?

    Just saw this on Ars Technica: MPAA: you can infringe copyright just by embedding a video
  9. PerryC

    TPU taken down by feds...or April Fools joke?

    This domain name has been seized by ICE - Homeland Security Investigations Is this for real or an April Fools joke?
  10. PerryC

    Kobo customer service

    I have had a couple of awesome experiences with my Kobo and their customer service. First time happened soon after I got the Kobo as a Father's day gift. After a helicopter ride gone bad in Afghanistan I found the screen of my Kobo broken...as in crushed. Through the intermitten email, I go a...
  11. PerryC

    Possible PSU failure?

    This one is really driving me crazy. These are the system specs for the computer of a one of the guys I work with. Q6600 2 x 2 GB Kingston Hyper X Asus Stirker Extreme (replaced by eVGA nForce 680i SLI) 2 x 8800 Ulltras in SLI way too many HDDs running in 3 x Win7 software raid set ups...
  12. PerryC

    Price check -- 2GB DDR2, HHDs and GPUs

    Q6600 G0 stepping -- seems to go for $60 (to the best of my knowledge its never been overclocked) does not have stock cooler though, been run under a Thermaltake TMG i1 its whole life. Kingston KHX6400D2/2G 2 sticks of these, no issues using these. Asus 8800 Ultra 768MB 2 of these, been run...
  13. PerryC

    UK copper thief urinates on transformer and gets burned and jail time

    Just saw this and its priceless Thief urinates on transformer, gets burns, jail | Technically Incorrect - CNET News
  14. PerryC

    Power Supply Tester

    Been tinkering with a friends computer for a little while now, I now suspect that the psu is faulty/dying and is killing the mobo on a full shut down. Can anyone recommend a decent psu tester? I have been looking around and there are lots available, just want to make sure that I get a fairly...
  15. PerryC

    Linux worth it for GPU folding?

    I know Linux makes a difference in cpu smp folding, does it make enough of a difference in gpu folding to make it worthwhile? My Intel E6300 doesn't have the guts to make cpu folding on it worthwhile, even in linux. I have been using my HD5750 to fold with.
  16. PerryC

    Remembrance Day

    Two Minutes Please remember to pause for 2 minutes at the 11th hour tomorrow, wherever you are, whatever you are doing. A Pittance of Time - Terry Kelly - YouTube For the 22 soldiers who I have served beside at some point in my career, this one is for you.... Highway of Heroes - The...
  17. PerryC

    Noctua looking after its customers who buy SB-E

    Saw this on TPU. Noctua Announces Free Upgrade for LGA2011 | techPowerUp
  18. PerryC

    More patent infringement cases

    I know that THG isn't the most reliable or popular of sites, but saw this over there. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/patent-infringement-lawsuit-memory-storage-patent,13726.html Acer, Dell and a couple of others involved in this one.
  19. PerryC

    VIA going after Apple now

    Looks like VIA is joining the patent infringement fun now, saw this on PC Magazine. Chipmaker VIA Sues Apple for Patent Infringement | News & Opinion | PCMag.com
  20. PerryC

    UEFI and Windows 8 secure boot

    Saw this on TPU, but still not really sure how it affect me yet. I do know some people aren't going to like this at all. Windows 8 Secure Boot: Designed to Lock Out Linux? | techPowerUp

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