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  1. repo1979

    I'm back at it again with another Caselabs SMA8

    Well the Inwin USA store is back in operation and looks like a InWin 925 is back in stock. Time to find a home for this SMA8
  2. repo1979

    I'm back at it again with another Caselabs SMA8

    Its been a minute for me and a very rough year but none the less I was able to get another case and looking for a way to make it stand out best I can. Hope I can do it justice and make it stand out, fingers crossed. Was trying to find a Inwin 925 or 928 can came up empty. If i do find one then I...
  3. repo1979

    Caselabs S8

    My Caselabs S8 case that is on the way. Cant wait to get it built and hardware installed.
  4. repo1979

    Caselabs TH10A

    Does my price point seem decent on this case and with all it has with it?
  5. repo1979

    Caselabs STH10 with extras

    Looking to see what my caselabs sth10 is worth, black in color with extras. See pics please, fyi psu support is not included but can be. Couple minor scratches on plexi and on lower front panel but nothing serious. https://photos.app.goo.gl/TQh71WtevyorrECE9 3-480 rad mounts solid and vented...
  6. repo1979

    Want to Sell CASELABS SM8A USED

    I understand totally. If you know anyone looking for a Caselabs Sth10 with extras im selling mine no holes drilled in the case
  7. repo1979

    Want to Sell CASELABS SM8A USED

    Is this still for sale?

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