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  1. krazyups

    Help with switch selection

    My setup is like this: Modem > Router |->Server |->Voip hardware |->Switch > Switch |->Switch > Switch I just ran another test through my server, and it hit 840Mb, with upload close to the sad 30Mb...
  2. krazyups

    Help with switch selection

    I'll probably give it a couple of months just to see if any patterns develop in the speeds. It is just regular cable after all, so it's also possible that the slowdowns I'm seeing have nothing to do with the equipment in my house, as even my server speeds are inconsistent (consistently faster...
  3. krazyups

    Help with switch selection

    I've actually got 4 of the 8 port Trendnet switches to handle the 22 or so network jacks in my house, which all feed up through the router. I could probably get away with a 24 port switch, but if decide to move my server to the switch as well (and make another attempt at link aggregation), then...
  4. krazyups

    Help with switch selection

    Currently have 3 possible switches under consideration: The aforementioned Cisco WS-C4948-10GE Juniper EX4200-48T TP-Link TL-SG2452 Not sure which brands I should be leaning towards or avoiding, or which would be the best selection of these 3, I'd really appreciate some advice from the IT...
  5. krazyups

    Help with switch selection

    Hello All! When I built my house a few years ago, I went ahead and ran CAT6 throughout the house in anticipation of utilising a gigabit network. This was achieved at the time by using 4 of the 8 port Trendnet TEG-S82G unmanaged gigabit switches. This appeared to be fine at the time, I was...
  6. krazyups

    Tesla pushing software updates..hmmm....

    Tesla is not the only one pushing over-the-air updates (although for now they seem to be the most comprehensive). All the other OEMs are actively looking into and pushing OTA capability, and in some cases mandating that all control modules in the vehicle be compatible with the re-flash...
  7. krazyups

    Rants etc.....

    I believe it's the fear of accountability. Somewhere along the line it became a sign of weakness to admit that you made a mistake. It's the same reason that nobody wants to make a decision, because they believe that if they make the wrong choice their job is in jeopardy (may be true in many...
  8. krazyups

    The Happy New Year Game Giveaway (2018 Edition)

    Thanks ipaine! It would actually be for my brother-in-law, he's a big borderlands fan and I do already have the game. The choice is of course up to Xeven, but I do greatly appreciate the thought!
  9. krazyups

    The Happy New Year Game Giveaway (2018 Edition)

    I'd be interested in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel if ipaine didn't just score the last one.
  10. krazyups

    Where to buy [enter component here]?

    Have a look at digikey.ca for those, I've always had success looking for and getting headers from there. The number that they have stocked should ensure that you can get exactly what you want. Ships very fast too.
  11. krazyups

    Cut drywall in half for small project?

    Wanted to share a bit of information that I've gathered having just completed my basement over the course of the last year (might be obvious, or you may already know, but it's worth mentioning anyways). First off, keep the bevelled edge running horizontally across the wall, and offset your...
  12. krazyups

    About Tuesday

    True, but keep in mind that the typical mindset is that "in America" usually means "in the US only." That's all well and good until that mindset makes its way from manufacturing to design (or other sectors) ... and I end up losing my job because I'm "stealing" it from a qualified denizen of the...
  13. krazyups

    About Tuesday

    My big concern here is with the whole talk of "renegotiating or tearing up" NAFTA, not necessarily because it will be tougher on Mexico. As a Canadian resident who commutes to work in Michigan, I have a small fear that any re-structuring of NAFTA with the sights set on restricting Mexico could...
  14. krazyups

    HP Procurve network switches

    Hey Everyone! First off, full disclosure: The construction company my brother in law works for salvaged these network switches from a job site, and had every intention of throwing them out (probably explains the slightly more beat up appearance). My brother in law grabbed them and passed them...
  15. krazyups

    Sound Treatment for Home Office

    Really depends on the frequency(ies) that you're trying to absorb. Those tiles are better for higher frequencies, but do nothing once the frequency get to below ~500Hz. Just having furniture in the room should be sufficient to break up any standing waves that may be present. I know we had...
  16. krazyups

    The Happy thread!

    Totally jealous ... I do want that receiver! Already wired up for 7.2.4, just need the in-ceiling speakers and to find the time and money to build the rest.
  17. krazyups

    Whats your latest purchase?

    A new driveway ... or, more accurately, a finished driveway. :doh:
  18. krazyups

    What is your Internet speed?

    Finally have some decent internet at the new house, after years with dsl. Teksavvy 30/10 cable service
  19. krazyups

    Whats your latest purchase?

    Realistically it's just about you getting used to the quirks that the equipment has. My uncle is a really cheap SOB (likes Power Fist and King Canada stuff), and he does amazing work with the tools he has, and has built countless wooden toys/chests/etc.
  20. krazyups

    Whats your latest purchase?

    +1 for sure, so much easier and quicker when you have the proper tools! I've got the Milwaukee 12" dual bevel sliding version (came with the free stand and radio at the time when I bought it), putting down trim + quarter round in a room now takes me less than an hour if I'm motivated (it has...

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