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    pool heater

    This is possibly the best pool heater I have ever built. Running it in jankie bypass mode to test everything, but shes working.
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    Want to Sell cpu, x570 mobo, PSU. Price adjustment.

    EMT prices as follows. You pay shipping from V1P-1P3 unless item includes shipping. **added some photos of the stock cooling below** Combo deal $1000 $950.00 shipped for everything. Asus plus (wifi) x570 motherboard BNIB. $220 Never used only inspected. 3900x CPU $500 shipped. Original box...
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    Happy Thanksgiving! Post your food. 👍

    Home-made stuffing.
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    Friends don't let friends card sag

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    2 grand worth of fittings later. She's done!

    No I did not pipe this. Replacing the tanks later will be fun times.
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    Want to Sell Asus Strix 1070. SOLD.

    Asus Strix 1070 up for grabs. SOLD plus shipping. My postal code is V1P 1P3. From what I can see online this is on par. This card overclocks really well too. Pulled this from my son's computer last night and replaced it with the 1080ti.
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    delete plz
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    Any interest here for this cpu? I have one coming as part of a bundle.
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    Gigabyte 1660 6gb

    I still have to test it bit it looks to be in decent shape. Not sure what they are worth ATM.
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    working pull.

    This was a server pull for a ski chalet. It mainly ran the movies pre HEVC and a few other things. Never worked hard never overclocked. Likely needs a new bios battery. i7 960 LGA 1333?, 12 GB RAM, p6x 58d-e mobo noctua push/pull tower cpu cooler, hx 750w corsair PSU. Blue Ray /dvd writer...
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    Server randomly shutting down

    I haven't had to deal with anything like this in years. What's my next step to figuring out why the server keeps shutting itself down? Is there some sort of logging software within windows to track this? It's getting pretty annoying tbh.
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    fingers crossed!

    Mortgage request going to underwriters today! Hope we can pull this off!
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    Pi recalculated

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    Multi 3080tis, 3070ti, 3090's

    Memx is stocked if you are looking for one. FTW3's too. NE store. Multiple brands including Asus. There were a couple 3080's as well. I'd post a photo or two but they said no when I asked if I could.
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    I need to build a custom fan holder

    If there's something I can purchase that's fine too. Basically what needs to happen is air flow past the in house music system until we can get air conditioning sorted out. I have the 140mm artic cooling fans. Need a stand that can do 3 up and 3 across on a stand that will sit in front of the...
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    buying stock in small amounts?

    Anyone playing around in the stock market? Just wondering what you're using to buy and sell. Looking to purchase small amounts of stock in various space companies. Cheers.
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    Wow. We are about to expose a few strata management companies for over charging on propane bills. They are using illegal devices to measure gas to individual fireplaces, essentially acting as an unlicensed third party gas provider. One of our clients got a 2600 dollar gas bill for 6 months...
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    is anyone here running a 6800xt

    Just wondering if anyone is having issues with these cards, minor issues too please. I've been reading up on them and apparently with the newer drivers they are performing comparable to the 3080's. I've been eyeing up the AIO version from Asus. As I have an AMD system it might be the way-to-go...
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    Thoughts on ASIC mining?

    Was banging around Google this morning. What are the thoughts on this thing? https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01MCZVPFE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_i_PKRYND611ASRZ80T56EP
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    AMD video cards

    My buddy was in MEMX today, there's a bunch of 6900xt and 6800xt on the shelf north store if anyone is looking for one.

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