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  1. grinder

    Access Point recommendations

    cheers peeps! Want something fast. Can also be a wireless router with the option of running it as an AP. Have an ASUS-AC3100. Getting 115 (ish) Mbps Wondering if there is anything faster.
  2. grinder

    Samsung 960 Pro M.2 numbers

    .. if anyone is curious :biggrin:
  3. grinder

    Cherry MX black to brown, worth it?

    Got a steelseries G6v2. Liked the minimalist design, but am really irritated by the left logo key not being a windows key. I suppose moving from a Cherry MX Black to a brown would be an "upgrade". yes/no? Thinking the Logitech G610 or Corsair STRAFE MX Brown are worthy candidates. thoughts...
  4. grinder

    PSA: Telus not letting you use your own router any more

    Have a residential customer who just signed up for Telus high speed. if you call in for them to put the router/modem into bridge mode they wont. Their latest service agreement says only Business ADSL customers can use an after-market router. This is just one instance, i don't know if it is...
  5. grinder

    Surface Pro 3 vs Quickbooks

    Looks like the Surface Pro 3 falls within the specs of running QuickBooks 2015. Any positive real world user experiences? I understand this question might not get traction here, as it is very niche. TIA cheers!
  6. grinder

    bah snow

    pulled 6 people out of snow drifts in the Calgary area today and my backup iPhone slipped out of my pocket. Gonna re-trace my steps in this mess... wish me luck.. heh
  7. grinder

    cabin fever i7 gaming build

    per the title... looking to game on long cold weekends. Newegg.ca - EVGA 04G-P4-3778-KR GeForce GTX 770 4GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card Newegg.ca - G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model...
  8. grinder

    time for a mid sized car

    ... putting the old Maxima out to pasture. buying new, looking for something with high resale value, auto, 4 door... thinking Civic (but no Si cause it's a manual)... like Subaru's products but Calgary's only dealership is AWFUL.
  9. grinder

    Happy Belated Birthday BRAINEATER

    t'was a good day for Golf :) *clink*
  10. grinder

    android vid + facebook = upsidedown

    per title: Shot vid on Samsung S4... right side up. Copy vid to comp, right side up. Post vid to facebook.. upside down. I R teh GRRR
  11. grinder

    Outlook 2013...

    ... is effing garbage. that is all.
  12. grinder

    leaky battery

    Replaced a PSU battery today... very typical considering the batteries are a consumable item. First ever "leaky" battery tho. PSU still operates fine with the replacement... enyone else have a hand full of battery acid trying to replace a PSU battery? ick
  13. grinder

    HDD Torx bit

    ... anyone know where to find 'em? My torx set does not go this small Princess Auto?
  14. grinder

    non RoHS hard drives

    do these still exist? Where can I get them?
  15. grinder

    Calgary Beer Fest

    who's goin? Good chance i'll go tonight.
  16. grinder

    Want to Buy QNAP TS-559 Pro II

    per the title thx
  17. grinder

    Laptop Cooked?

    Dunno what to think here... my T61 laptop was working just a couple hours ago... 1) i close the lid and put it to sleep, place it in the laptop bag and head home from work 2) take the laptop out of the case and the usual "crescent moon" green LED is dark 3) open the lid, push power, nothing 4)...
  18. grinder

    bootcamp Win8

    This transcends the mac/os forum, guess it will go here. Trying win8 on my Mac Mini. lol Mind you.. i'm installing pro if that matters over regular 8 <?> guess, we'll find out.
  19. grinder

    dual 6 core Xeons

    let's see what these bad boys can do
  20. grinder

    F120 bit the dust

    PC won't even post when the drive is connected... first RMA with Corsair, hopefully the last.

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