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    Want to Buy ryzen Combo

    ive got a ryzen 5 3600x with b550 board and 16gb ram all bnib
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    Want to Sell Old stock for free.

    hey ill take all this stuff if those optys are still available
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    Want to Sell BNIB 3600X

    sold sold sold
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    Want to Sell Water cooling, 10GBase-T NICs, U6-IW Wifi6 AP, Laptop, SFF PC, Monitors, iPad Pro

    I FEEL I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE $215 shipped :: Unifi U6-IW Wifi6 in-wall AP. Built in 4 port switch + POE passthrough on one port. EA unit - the updated TOS no longer restricts reselling.
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    Want to Sell BNIB 3600X

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    Want to Sell SOLD! ASUS ROG Strix GTX 1080.

    interested shoot me a pm please
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    Want to Sell msi and gigabyte b550m motherboards RTX CORE I9

    I have two brand new b550 motherboards one gigabyte one msi one used one brand new (bnib) MSI B550M PRO VDH WIFI $100 shipped (USED) GIGABYTE B550M DS3H $80 shipped ALSO 10 MONTH USED I9 10900X ON ASUS ROG EXTREME ENCORE X299 MOBO $1500 shipped EVGA RT3080 FTW3 $2500 shipped ZOTAC RTX2060 3...
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    Want to Buy GTX 970 or similar

    i may have one send me a pm
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    Want to Buy Graphics cards

    Anyone have any video cards i have two systems sitting here that only need gpus? i would consider trading one of the systems or parts for a gpu also i7 10700kf msib460 wifi 16G samsung evo win10 activated digital license really 2gb cards and up will do depending lol
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    ryzen 5600x and 5900x

    I'm currently making a passive income monthly with 6 cards making me 65 usd per day currently i have free hydro in my apartment and my office ,,, side note if you don't sign up with an exchange and you pull your mining's out of btm machine (limit 1000cad per day) you don't have to report...
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    ryzen 5600x and 5900x

    bone thrown
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    ryzen 5600x and 5900x

    i love it
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    ryzen 5600x and 5900x

    ryzen 5900x with asus rog strix x570 board 32gb gskill trident 3600 ryzen 5600x with asus tuff x570 board 16G patriot 3200 both new in december wondering what i should ask if i post them theyre both barebones with case psu and 1tb samsung nvme ssds
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    Want to Buy RTX2060 or better - smaller the better

    lol find one in stock anywhere?
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    well i had an offer for 800 locally i think around there isnt unrealistic

    well i had an offer for 800 locally i think around there isnt unrealistic
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    Want to Buy RTX2060 or better - smaller the better

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    Want to Buy Want to buy 1070/1070ti/1080/RX5600XT/5700 Ottawa, ON

    ive got a 1080ti zotac card if your interested

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