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    Experience With Racing Wheels

    Anyone have any real experience with a variety of gaming/racing wheels? I'm tempted to make the jump to a low-end fanatec(CSL ps4) but am a bit concerned about spending 4 times as much on something that I have no idea how it will feel or perform. Personally I have owned several Logitech's and...
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    Bringing it back

    Hey Canucks Another observational post: The RGB craze is still going on but dying down to the classic subdued black/white case builds. As much as I am a fan of all-black builds(this is what my last 4 PC's have been) I still have the case from my first build back when UV lighting was the...
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    New Builds Using Old Components

    Hey Canucks This Winter I upgraded my old i7 2600k system to an i5 7600k. While doing research for this build I noticed that even though some of my components were almost 6 years old the reasonably priced replacements were only about 25% better performing. I'm just looking to see who else is...

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