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  1. krazyups

    Help with switch selection

    Hello All! When I built my house a few years ago, I went ahead and ran CAT6 throughout the house in anticipation of utilising a gigabit network. This was achieved at the time by using 4 of the 8 port Trendnet TEG-S82G unmanaged gigabit switches. This appeared to be fine at the time, I was...
  2. krazyups

    HP Procurve network switches

    Hey Everyone! First off, full disclosure: The construction company my brother in law works for salvaged these network switches from a job site, and had every intention of throwing them out (probably explains the slightly more beat up appearance). My brother in law grabbed them and passed them...
  3. krazyups

    MSI MB + SSD problem

    Hey Guys, This has been driving me nuts for the past few days: I recently bought an FM2-A75MA-E35 motherboard + A6 5400K to build up a system for my sister-in-law's new startup business. I decided to pair it with an Adata SX900 128Gb drive since it fell within the budget, however I'm running...
  4. krazyups

    krazyups' feedback

    Hey Guys, If we've dealt with each other in the past, please leave your feedback here ... good, bad or indifferent (really hoping it's not the last two!). Thanks.
  5. krazyups

    Want to Sell Asus Reference 6950 2GB unlocked *SOLD*

    Shipping will be via Canada Post regular parcel with a tracking number. I accept Paypal or EMT, and PM is key. Thanks for looking! I have for you today a reference 2GB 6950 made by Asus. The card has been unlocked and flashed with the Asus 6970 bios, making it 890MHz clock and 5.5GHz memory...
  6. krazyups

    Scientists use Freaking Lasers to cool superconductors

    Scientists Use Freaking Lasers to Cool Superconductors - *PC World Article - Tech & Gadget - MSN CA This is very cool ... no pun intended.
  7. krazyups

    Happy Father's Day!!

    I just wanted to wish all the dad's on HWC a happy father's day!! Hopefully you have a very relaxing day ... I'm sure I will! :clap: -Steve
  8. krazyups

    microFIT program, Ontario solar energy

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone located in Ontario has had any experience with solar energy and the microFIT program? My father-in-law has recently taken up an interest in it, and from what I've gathered, it seems to be a no-lose situation, depending on your amount of sun exposure...
  9. krazyups

    Artificial heatsink tester

    So looking around the net at various sites' heat sink reviews got me thinking (which is sometimes a bad thing!); since most sites use a computer to test the performance of heat sinks, including different cases with various airflows, components, cable management, etc., would it be beneficial to...

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