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  1. sakage.shinga

    Replacing my Dell U2412m lcd

    My ips U2412m is giving me headaches while gaming. I never experienced this with my old hp w2207 so I'm assuming it's the monitor that's causing this. Any suggestions for a replacement? I'd prefer to stay with 24" and more specifically 1920x1200. Budget is $300 or so, preferably ips with good...
  2. sakage.shinga

    Can my mobo/cpu handle two RAID 1 volumes?

    Hi guys, My new build currently already has a RAID 1 volume (2 x WD Red 4TB). I'm thinking of adding a second volume consisting of two WD Red 3TBs. Is this possible? (i.e. it will not slow down my processing speed, load times, etc.) Also, with the drive cage already having a SSD, a 2TB WD...
  3. sakage.shinga

    Setting up MPC-HC

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find a decent guide to setup MPC-HC on my HTPC. I found one that uses Haali, LAV filters, and madVR, but the resulting player won't allow me to skip forward without massive slowdowns and system freezes. Here's the guide: Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC) and...
  4. sakage.shinga

    Cannot install Win 7 when SATA set to RAID

    Hi guys, Trying to install Windows 7 Home Premium on my new rig. Turns out that I can't do that if my SATA is set to RAID mode. I did so because I have two WD Reds that will be used in RAID 1. If I install Win 7 with SATA set to AHCI, can I configure it to RAID mode later when I do connect...
  5. sakage.shinga

    New build is ready. What now?

    Hi guys, So my new build is finally fully assembled and I've gotten to POST. Below is what I think my next steps are but I could really use some input since this is my first time using a SSD and also working with UEFI instead of BIOS. 1) Update BIOS/UEFI??? 2) Set SATA to RAID (since I have 2...
  6. sakage.shinga

    Free ISO Burner stopped working after reformat

    Hi guys, My old build used to be able to run Free ISO Burner just fine. However, ever since reformatting, I can no longer select the proper burn speed and leaving it on MAX results in a burn error (hardware error 14848). It is the same LG blu-ray/DVD-burner combo drive and nothing has been...
  7. sakage.shinga

    HDMI-DP converter vs pure HDMI

    Hi guys, Just realized that my video card (HTPC build) has no HDMI outputs (4xDisplay Ports + 2xDVI). I was planning on connecting the rig to my Sony receiver via HDMI. So now I can either, 1) Get a HDMI-DP converter then connect using HDMI cable to receiver 2) Get a new video card and...
  8. sakage.shinga

    AHCI or RAID

    Hi guys, I'm installing a SSD on my old rig and I know I need to switch the SATA mode to either AHCI or RAID. The question is which one? I currently do not have a RAID array on my old rig, but eventually I might install two WD Greens in RAID 1. Should I go ahead and set the SATA mode to RAID...
  9. sakage.shinga


    Hi guys, I need recommendations for a free non-bloated SMART GUI that can monitor ssd, hdd, and usb externals. Temp monitor would be a plus, but not required. Thanks!
  10. sakage.shinga

    Turning my old build into HTPC

    Hi guys, Now that I have my new build, I'm going to turn my old one into a HTPC. I don't think I'll need to do any upgrades at all since it's still a pretty killer rig. The only thing that I might add to it is a SSD to help it boot up faster. Any recommendations? I'm currently looking at...
  11. sakage.shinga

    NH-D14 vs. NH-U14S

    Hi guys, I currently have the NH-D14 on order but I've read several reviews/comments that indicate that the newer NH-U14S actually outperforms the D14 by a few degrees despite being only a single fan cooler (not to mention smaller). What is the general consensus on here? Has the D14 been...
  12. sakage.shinga

    Suggestions for protecting my data

    Hi guys, I'm in need of your suggestions on how best to protect the files on my computer. I currently have ~4.3TB worth of Camera RAW files, music, and misc. files stored on two Caviar Green 3TB drives (they're not in RAID). I plan on purchasing two WD Red 4TB drives to not only increase my...
  13. sakage.shinga

    Replacing fans on my Corsair 600T SE White

    Hey guys, The stock case fans on my Corsair 600T SE White are kind of "meh" (76cfm max) and I'd like to replace them with something that gives better airflow and heat dissipation into the ambient. I was looking at the Bitfenix Spectre Pro for the two 200mm front/top and single 120mm rear fans...
  14. sakage.shinga

    Should I have gone with i7-3770K instead?

    I just ordered parts for my new build, which centers around an i7-4770K Haswell. Now I'm regretting not going with Ivy Bridge instead. Seems most online agree that while Haswell holds a slight edge in terms of clock per cycle performance, its overclocking potential is significantly worse than...
  15. sakage.shinga

    New build for wedding gift

    So a good friend of mine is getting hitched and the lucky couple are both avid gamers so a couple guys and I thought we'd pitch in to build them a new rig to play BF4 on. Budget: $2000-2200 including taxes Time: within the next month or so Use: games, games, and more games. Rome II, Shogun 2...
  16. sakage.shinga

    Tuneup Utilities 2014 from ExpertReviews.co.uk store?

    Hi guys, I see that Tuneup Utilities 2014 is being sold at $25 from the store on expertreviews.co.uk, but the official TuneUp store is almost double that. Is this site a scam? Seems too good to be true yet the website itself hosts legit reviews... :doh:
  17. sakage.shinga

    Asus Z87-Pro vs Maximus VI Formula

    Hey guys, I'm putting together a rig for a friend and I've got everything picked out (basically same as the rig I'm putting together for myself), except for the mobo which we can't agree on. I'm suggesting the same one I used on my new rig, Z-87 Pro, but he's leaning towards the Maximus VI...
  18. sakage.shinga

    Question about my Crucial M500 480GB

    Hi guys, I'm installing a Crucial M500 480GB SSD on my new rig, and I'm wondering if I should partition it. I figure that OS + Apps will take up about 80GB, max 100GB, that leaves me 380-400GB for game installations. I also have a Caviar Black 2TB HDD that will load games that don't benefit...
  19. sakage.shinga

    Ripjaws X C9D vs. CL10D

    Hi guys! I'm trying to decide two G.Skill Ripjaws X memory kits, both 16GB (2X8GB) dimms. The only difference between them (aside from color of the spreader) is the CAS latency, one being 9, and the other 10. I'm of the understanding that the difference between 9 and 10 is going to be...
  20. sakage.shinga

    ADATA vs Intel

    Hi guys, I've never owned a SSD before and thought it's time to start with my new rig. I just ordered a pair of ADATA SX900 256GB SSD from NCIX for a total $310, which I think is a good deal. HOWEVER, I read after the fact that ADATA is using Sandforce controllers that are substandard? Also...

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