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    Best Mini ATX Case for Gaming?

    If you're looking for a compact ATX mid-tower like the Corsair 460X without the glass and RGB, Corsair's newest 275Q is an updated version of that same design that focuses on sound dampening and subtle aethstetics. I would probably choose it over the define C, Metallic Gear Neo and H500.
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    My CES Disappointment - Little In The Way of Cases

    You won't get mainstream SFF cases until manufacturers of CPUs, motherboards, RAM, and video cards agree to abandon their 30 year old form factor and move on to the next one. A CPU, a RAM stick and a video card on a motherboard, all powered by a PSU with today's technology can be the size of a...
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    Beginner Help Needed - Second system in 10yrs

    Sorry but answering what resolution you will be running does make a difference. The lower the resolution the better the Intel option will be. The higher the resolution, ie more stress on the GPU, the less it matter whether you go for Intel or AMD, meaning CPU-wise, save some bucks and go for...
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    Looking for advice on a complete new build

    1070 ti you can find that now or even better deals for under $400 during black Friday. Mainly it will be your luck and persistence that will get you the best deal on a video card. If you're in the $200 range wait for the RX 590 price to drop or get an RX 580. Again black Friday might get you a...
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti & RTX 2080 Review Comment Thread

    Nvidia already has more than%90 of the gaming and workstation video card market. There is a new share holder centric trend happening with three products, Apple’s iPhones, Samsung’s NAND Flash and Nvidia’s video cards. Share holders come first, consumer is last. These three companies not only...
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    what do you think is the best mITX case?

    I'm a sucker for the Jonsbo U1 Plus. Conventional tower in the smallest shape possible that barely fits the Zotac mini series (which goes up to 1080 ti), SFX PSU and no HDD mounts. Now if only they'd make a revision with a front USB C. The depth of the case is so narrow, a Noctua NH-U9S with a...
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    New z370 PC: Feedback/thoughts for improvements

    I'd go for a more "upper" Platinum or Titanium EVGA P3 or T3 PSU, or the Seasonic ones. I read in a Jonnyguru.com review that the G3 was noisy under load. Not worth it going for 32GB. 16GB is enough and upgradable on the same motherboard when/if the RAM prices go down.
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    New TV - 70"+

    Sony's are great but they lack in input lag if you plan to play games on it. Samsung and LG's LCD models have better input lag and better prices. OLEDs won't give you a better picture than LCDs in a fully lit room. If you're lady likes to watch with the curtains open, LCDs will be a better...
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    Some doubts about cooling, psu and case on a i7-8700K build

    Many coolers to choose from in the budget category including the Cryorig H7 and Arctic Freezer 33, they will do the job quitely for little money. If you pay a little bit more and get a Noctua NHUS12 or NHUS14 you will never need water cooling. Gigabyte Motherboards are generally preferred over...
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    The new Define R6

    That Sliger case is pretty expensive and full of compromises. Fractal Design C tempered glass edition and the Jonsbo U4 if purchased locally are more realistic options.
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    The MAX-Q Laptop Battle - ASUS vs Gigabyte Comment Thread

    The real joke is thinking that qualcomm chips are capable of running X86 apps. You can't cram a CPU, motherboard, Memory, storage and GPU in one small die to begin with, without everything blowing up in your face. I'm not even mentioning the huge battery right next to all that mess! The...
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    DRAM Prices to Rise Again by 10%

    DRAMeXchange - 【Market View】TrendForce Reports 3Q17 DRAM Revenue Hit a New High With a 16.2% Sequential Increase; DRAM Prices to Rise by 10% on Average in 4Q17
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    New speakers & A/V Amplifier help!

    Interesting choices there and it makes sense too since Paradigm is an excellent speaker manufacturer and they are Canadian made, but that didn't dissuade me from what I think is a better entertainment package. I am in the same boat and thinking of building a new home theater with a PC and AV...
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    8700k vs 1700x ?

    I predict that the new i5 will regain its position as the optimal gaming CPU this 8th generation and offer similar FPS as the i7 as it used to be before Skylake.
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    Core i7 8700K, Z370 and GTX2080

    By the time the GTX 2080 arrives the Z370 chipset will be replaced by the Z390. If I'm building a rig for the future I'd wait for HDMI 2.1 monitors and TVs. HDMI 2.1 will provide adaptive-sync to the masses. I don't see this happening before 9 months from now.
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    A new build - UK Gaming PC

    I'd choose the Crucial MX300 instead of the WD Black SSD. Can't comment on the case but I like the Fractal Design C. You can get away with a smaller video card. Your target of 60fps @ 1080P is within reach of the smaller 1050ti for most games. I reckon you're saving up for a big card and...
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    Computex 2017: The ROG SWIFT PG35VQ

    There will be a world-wide adaptation of adaptive-sync for all future displays, including TVs. All HDMI 2.1 compliant displays will have it. I think that's worth waiting for if you have something that works now. Panel technology is also important to me. I want OLED for all my displays! Prettier...
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    New build 3500$

    NVME SSDs are great but SATA3 SSDs will get you more storage for the same price. In the line of luxury components it would be the absolute last upgrade I make after a nice display and speakers. You will only notice a difference if you have lots of files to transfer or write. The higher speeds...
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    What case for MATX or ITX build

    Even if you mention the kit you're using, I think you can make the best decision on whether it will fit or not. I suggest you look at Jonsbo's U.S dealer, https://jonsbousa.com/micro-atx-cases/ Otherwise I find the Fractal Design Nano a safe choice.
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    need new sound setup

    https://www.amazon.com/HIFIMAN-HE-400S-Hifiman-HE400S-Full-Size-Headphone/dp/B00Y2EOI94 https://www.amazon.com/iFi-Nano-iDSD-Headphone-Combo/dp/B01N0DVG58 Hifiman HE400S + iFi Nano iDSD LE DAC This is the combo I'm using and while it's not on the same level as the $1,000 options it's pretty...

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