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  1. Lima

    SSD and M.2 NVMe question

    Hey, hello there everyone. I haven't been following PC chat for a while. I stumbled into Newegg, just outta curiosity, and came across their M.2 sales.. I am wondering if there is anything better headed our way than the present stuff available, technologically wise. Was looking at a WD Black...
  2. Lima

    Router recommendations for Videotron Hybrid Fibre 120 service

    Just wondering what hardware is working at getting users top speed. **Edit: Am basically looking for feedback on routers with OpenWrt/DD-WRT capabilities.. sorry for lack of info :ph34r:
  3. Lima

    Question about VPN

    Hello, Recently a family member has been experiencing what seems to be reason for concern and I was looking into subscribing to a VPN service. Thing is I don't know much about this stuff. Am seeing lots of Nord advertising, see Linus advertising Tunnelbear and Jay from Jayz two cent mentions...
  4. Lima


    Hello everyone, I recently upgraded my rig and have a CPU, MOBO and RAM combo laying around now. It is a Intel i7 860, EVGA P55 FTW and 4 x 4GB Samsung Low Voltage DDR3 RAM that I would like to sell but don't know what to price them at.. What are they worth nowadays?
  5. Lima

    before and after of the guts

    Intel i7 860 > Ryzen 1600 (OCZ Vertex2 and ATI 5780 kept for now, PC up and running in about 20 seconds :thumb:) In a Fractal Design Define S, banging box. Super choice to say the least, very satisfied. Big shout out to the boys here for those reviews, helped me make the choice a few moths...
  6. Lima

    bing not responsive..

    Hello all, I just finished a cpu, mobo and ram upgrade. Did my windows 10 reinstall and all was well up until I tried getting some apps that I wanted to reinstall.. bing non responsive, google non responsive yet, I am here and able to post successfully. Gonna use my sisters comp tp download...
  7. Lima

    Want to Sell FSP Aurum Gold 750 watt PSU

    Hello all, I am selling a new 750 watt FSP Aurum Gold PSU. Payment method will be with paypal and I am asking for 100$ shipped. I am located in Laval Qc for all interested in pick-up. Thanks and, God bless. Sold list: 4 x Bitspower compressions to Feanor 2 x Bitspower True Silver to...
  8. Lima

    Want to Sell All Sold

    Hello again, Selling a couple of parts I won't be using any more. All items are in working order and all sales are final. I accept cash in person (Located in Laval, Qc) or Paypal for online transactions. First up, is my OEM ATI RADEON 5870. Not much to say here. It runs well and can take...
  9. Lima

    Need help choosing a wireless keyboards

    Hello everyone. I' m trying to make my decision between these two keyboards but am unable to. I saw a bad rating for the Adesso at NCIX that got me worried in the product so, I decided to ask here for help. I've been debating between these two, the Adesso 2.4 GHz RF Wireless Mini and the...
  10. Lima

    5.0 surround speakers for PC?

    I have run into an opportunity to buy a Pioneer 5 speaker surround set, complete with the receiver. Just waiting on the model number to see what kinda connections are available. Seeing as how I am not very audio savvy, I decided to post, in hope that you guys can help me understand what I can...
  11. Lima

    Want to Buy 5870 EK nickel plated acrylic model full cover water block (reference model)

    Hello everyone. This is what I am looking to find, for my 5870 -> EK nickel plated acrylic model- EK-FC5870 - Nickel . I can pay Paypal or cash in person. My Heat -> Lima Thank you.
  12. Lima

    Can the BIOS on a 5870, pulled from a Dell, be flashed?

    Hello everyone, I have a 5870 that was pulled from a Dell and, I was wondering if the card will allow to be flashed with another BIOS. Thanks!
  13. Lima

    Need help tracking down an i3 530/40 CPU

    Hello peeps. I would like your input on places and batch numbers to look for in regards to the mentioned CPU's. How are the ones coming out of the common Canadian etailer clocking? And also, what about the Montreal area? Has anybody got any good experiences and recommendations? If you guys...
  14. Lima

    Want to Sell SOLD

    Hello everyone. I am located in Laval Qc for all interested in pick-ups. You may pay through Paypal or cash in person. EK 4870/90 full cover water block SOLD *US and Canada *It's missing 2 of the screws used to mount it to the card but, they are not absolutely necessary. I had it mounted...
  15. Lima

    Laing DDC dual bay reservoir.

    Hello peeps. I am planing to redo my loop and I want to use a XSPC Dual 5.25" Bay Reservoir for Dual Laing DDC. I was wondering if any of you know if it performs as well as the other tops from XSPC. Also, how loud are MCP355 pumps? I ask because I read somewhere that they are actually louder...
  16. Lima

    HDMI cable

    Hello peeps. I was looking at these two cables. NCIX.com - Buy Ion Cables HDMI-MM-10 HDMI 1.3B M/M 10FT Digital High Quality Video Cable - HDMI-MM-10 In Canada. NCIX.com - Buy ION Cables Premium 10FT Flat HDMI V1.3 Digital High Quality Video Cable Black - HDMI-MM-10-P In Canada. They...
  17. Lima

    ATI catalyst's image scaling options

    I just finished intalling Windows 7. I Used the latest ATI drivers and, when I went to set the display scaling setting of my choice, I found the controles greyed out :sad: Where do I start? Does anyone else have this issue? I was using Vista ultimate just the other day and it was available there!
  18. Lima

    Want to Sell iPhone 3G 16GB Black

    Sold Thanks
  19. Lima

    Cleaning a pump.

    I got a pump and I will need to clean it. I am not sure that just leaving it run will be enough. Other blocks that were in the same loop had sludge/grime on them and, it didn't have a nice odor to it. So, I was wondering if it is safe and what to know about taking them apart for scrubbing. It...
  20. Lima

    F@H montly bandwidth usage.

    The above quote, is the question I asked yesterday in the http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/hardwarecanucks-f-h-team/13086-rosetta-home-setup-guide.html#post284275 thread. I had just finished following it and, that's when I realized that I have no idea on how much bandwidth this app uses. I...

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