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  1. Mastabutts

    Want to Sell EVGA GTX 980ti, EK Titan X/980ti Waterblock,EK TX/980ti Backplate,XSPC RX360 Radiator

    I'm pretty sure this guy's fallen off the wagon. Haven't heard back from him in forever. Either that or the cards sold.
  2. Mastabutts

    Is FTW worth it?

    I second this strong recommendation.
  3. Mastabutts

    Low budget HTPC build

    The g3258 does not support 4k, going by this. Comparing the space limitations of the Silverstone case, the TX750W and TX650W PSU's are too long to fit. So far as I can tell, there are no 120mm slots on that case. Better/more flexible option can be found on newegg. Some even come with PSU at a...
  4. Mastabutts

    1st new build in a lot of years,several questions

    I hear you on that. I recently jumped onto the 4k bandwagon with a deal I got on a halfway decent monitor, and I'm surprised that there aren't any cards out there that can consistently run current gen games in exactly the range you're looking for. I'm sure we'll see a 1080ti or similar card...
  5. Mastabutts

    1st new build in a lot of years,several questions

    For 4k monitors, you could try the Acer b286hk. Its been as low as $388 at Canada Computers. I hated the osd and the video cables it ships with are garbage, but its an "okay" entry level 4k monitor, and it has a nice stand and is fully vesa compatible. Other than that, you're looking at an asus...
  6. Mastabutts

    Which 1070 to buy ?

    The strix line have always been solid cards, and honestly if you're not super interested in overclocking you might just want to ignore the spec sheets and go with one you think looks pretty and has the best warranty coverage, as judging by a lot of the benchmarks for all the various cards the...
  7. Mastabutts

    Noctua now makes SEXY FANS!

    I still don't understand their odd obsession with brown.
  8. Mastabutts

    New 120mm fan for Evo 212, and new fans for PC.

    NF-S12B is a 120mm that I've used both as a case fan and CPU fan replacement. Solid fan, and fairly cheap compared to others. No leds on it. New fans would work with the existing fan controller. As far as hooking up more than one fan, you might need to get the splitter? I've no problem hooking...
  9. Mastabutts

    Completed lowfat's Big Lian Li.

    Damn. With that cable management you're doing the lord's good work son.
  10. Mastabutts

    G4 mac was given to me

    tonymac all the way
  11. Mastabutts

    Willing to Pay Someone to Help Me with My Hackintosh - Toronto Canada

    Sweet. Maybe consider posting hiccups and solutions to /r/hackintosh/ on reddit. Always nice to spread the love.
  12. Mastabutts

    Card Option

    I'm using AMD these days. I really miss the more aggressive driver updates when I had Nvidia... AMD software seems to have a bunch more bloatware (raptr anyone?) and isnt' anywhere near as easy to update.
  13. Mastabutts

    SlySoft shuts down due to legal peer pressure

    I've been using PowerISO for years. Thankfully they're still around
  14. Mastabutts

    Raspberry Pi 3 vs Pi 2

    I use plex/chromecast for everything these days, but I might eventually just pick up one of these things for fun
  15. Mastabutts

    The "What book are you reading" Thread

    Icefall, by Jenna Lamia
  16. Mastabutts

    Welcome New Members

    I am new to here, old to the internet and elsewhere. Pretty well, I'm hoping to eventually sell something on the buy/sell/trade section, so this is one post in that direction.

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