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  1. kruzn4evr

    Want to Sell SOLD.... MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4GB

    Hey all, I've sold a lot of parts here over the years, used to have around 70-80 feedbacks back in the day before the big hack happened, but it has been awhile and it's that time again so here we go! All items are in perfect 10/10 condition (as always) and include the retail box and all...
  2. kruzn4evr

    i7 4790k combo + i5 3570k combo + parts

    Hey guys, looking to get an idea of price for the following items, all come with orig. boxes and all accessories and in perfect condition: Intel i7 4790k (has only been run stock) Asus Z97 Deluxe mobo (https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Z97DELUXE/overview/ ) G-Skill Trident X Series DDR3 2400...
  3. kruzn4evr

    Want to Buy Wanted: Found

    Hey guys, Been awhile since I've checked in and I'm hoping someone here can help me out, I'm looking for a an inexpensive touchscreen laptop for my inlaws, they are in their 80's and they just need something easy to use so they can Skype with their great grandkids who live in Serbia. I'm...
  4. kruzn4evr

    Corsair H100i

    Hey all, I have a Corsair H100i that appears to have a dead pump, Corsair logo lights up red and it doesn't feel as if it's working, warranty has expired (of course!). Looking to sell it for parts, everything is included in the retail box, fans, brackets, manuals, its all there and in perfect...
  5. kruzn4evr

    SSD's in RAID 0 too fast??

    Hi All, been awhile since I've posted on HWC but I could use some assistance from the collective minds of the best computer site on the net (shameless buttering up!). Here's the specs: i7 4790k 4.0GHz (no OC) Corsair H100i Asus Maximus Hero mobo (updated to 2012 BIOS) G-Skill Trident X...
  6. kruzn4evr

    Want to Buy mATX case...CHEAP and FAST!!

    Hey guys, I'm in need of a REALLY CHEAP (or even free!) mATX case that is in good condition and I need it yesterday!! Preferably in the Durham region, let me know if you have anything laying around that you want to get rid of, thx :-)
  7. kruzn4evr

    Want to Sell Sold...Asus Vivotab RT TF600

    Hey all :clap: I have a few tablets that are in need of new homes, all prices are firm as they are priced to sell :thumb: Prices do NOT include shipping, I ship by UPS or Purolator insured with signature required and tracking # (I do get VERY good rates :thumb: )...of course you can always...
  8. kruzn4evr

    Help with Intel 82579v on an ASUS P9X79

    Hey all, I could use some help with this issue I'm having. I just picked up a P9X79 board from Your_Friendly_Gamer and everything was going great except for I can't access my network. I've installed the latest Intel 82578v driver but troubleshooting comes up with "Issues found, The wired network...
  9. kruzn4evr

    kruzn4evr feedback

    Well, I did have over 80+ positive feedbacks before the hack so to all I've dealt with in the past (you know who are you krazy bunch of canucks!) please drop me a some feedback when you get a minute, greatly appreciated :biggrin:
  10. kruzn4evr

    Want to Sell Sold!

    Hey all, Selling my TP 32GB with keyboard dock, its a great lil machine but I other than a pricey Angry Birds player for my grandson I just haven't been using it so its sort of going to waste. Comes complete with retail boxes & accessories, unfortunately I've missed placed the receipt but it...
  11. kruzn4evr

    Want to Buy Looking for Laptop :)

    Hey gang, In need of a laptop and since I missed out on HC1200's deal..lol, here are the specs required, PM me with detailed specs, warranty and price :thumb: Asus, MSI, Toshiba (even Acer if the price is right) i7/i5 2nd gen CPU 4GB RAM min. 17.3" (1920x1080) or 15.6" (1600x900 only) Bluray...
  12. kruzn4evr

    BlackBerry Playbook OS2 now available

    Not sure how many of you out there have a Playbook but RIM has now released OS2 and is available for download. BlackBerry - Software - BlackBerry Software for Smartphones Post up some thoughts on the updates :thumb:
  13. kruzn4evr

    E8400,2x 3870x2's,Intel DX38BT,2x2GB OCZ 1333Mhz

    I took these in on trade and trying to decide what I can get for them, again I think I have a pretty good idea but would some input from others :thumb: E8400 775 CPU Intel DX38BT 775 mobo ATI 3870x2 1GB GPU ASUS EAH3870x2/G/3DHT/1G/A GPU 2x2GB OCZ Platinum PC3 1066 1333Mhz 7-7-7 @1.8v...
  14. kruzn4evr

    Sabertooth P67 & 2600k...need help..quick!..lol

    hey all, having a lil' issue here, might just be me and not being too familiar with this mobo but for some reason the 2600k is only running 1 core (2 threads). I'm sure (hoping) it's just something in the settings that I'm missing but I think I've covered all my bases and I can't figure it out...
  15. kruzn4evr

    2 5870's w/EK WB's and EK bridge

    Looking for a number on a pair of 5870's w/EK FC WB's and matching crossfire EK bridge. One is an XFX XXX 875Mhz 1GB HD587AZND9 and the other is a PowerColor AX5870-1GBD5-MDHG, I have a number in mind but looking to see what you guys think. Thanks in advance :thumb:
  16. kruzn4evr

    Satelite TV

    So I've finally had enough of Rogers, especially now that they own my beloved Leafs!...I can see rate hikes in our future!..lol...so I decided to jump ship over to Star Choice Satelite for tv and Teksavvy for internet. Does anyone have Star Choice or any experiences they can share? With the deal...
  17. kruzn4evr

    some LGA775 stuff

    Hey all, I'm looking for some numbers for the following parts I need to sell for a client. Q9650 CPU Asus Rampage Extreme X48 (includes all accessories) 2x2GB Corsair CM3X21600C9DHX 1600Mhz 9-9-9-24 1.8v ver.3.2 RAM Diamond HD 4870x2 GPU Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme heatsink. Everything...
  18. kruzn4evr

    Asus PA238Q...on 2nd thought

    Hey all, been awhile since I grabbed myself a new toy but I decided to try out the Asus PA238Q 23" IPS monitor, I figured for $259.99 at CC it's worth a look Canada Computers | LCD/LED Monitors | Asus PA238Q, 23" LED IPS Panel Widescreen Professional Monitor, 1920x1080, 6ms(GtG), 5M:1(ASCR)...
  19. kruzn4evr

    Been awhile....

    ...since I've visited since I started a new job at The Brick in Whitby a couple of mths ago so I figured I'd take some time and try to catch up on whats new and exciting. Nice to see lots of new members and some pretty interesting reviews and threads on the new toys as well as some great new...
  20. kruzn4evr

    LAST UPDATE....The Great HWC Get Together (Toronto)

    I'll be heading down around 5pm via GO train so I should be there about 6ish, when you get there just say party of 20 for Bob & Hardware Canucks :thumb: Confirmed date is Saturday Jan.8th at The RealSports Bar Confirmed List: (if I've missed anyone or your not confirmed yet please let me...

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