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  1. Eagle Eye

    G-20 Retail Rage - Eaton Centre Toronto, ON

    I am sure most have seen this, but this takes the cake for me. Pure Insanity!!! :punk: YouTube - Retail Rage - Crazy Guy goes nuts when Eaton Centre closed during G20 Riots in Toronto
  2. Eagle Eye

    Need help...Default pasting options in Excel 2007

    My delima, currently building an extensive database of Las Vegas casinos lots of copyig and pasting data from the web. The problem every single item has to be matched to the destination format in the pasting options its alot more clicking than I'd like to be doing, is there someway I can...
  3. Eagle Eye

    Noctua and GPU cooling too late or not?

    So whats your thoughts? Do you think Noctua should enter the GPU cooling market or is it too late in the game for them. I've choosen to not vote as mine would be completely biased. I encourage everyone to vote its much appreciated. Regards, EE
  4. Eagle Eye

    Plastic Money!!

    It just has that cool factor and no more worries if it accidently ends up in the washing machine :thumb: CBC News - Toronto - Canada to switch to plastic bills next year
  5. Eagle Eye

    Call of Duty Founders sue Activision

    It will be interesting to hear the outcome of this story as it developes.
  6. Eagle Eye

    Book Recommendation: Living in the Age of Entitlement The Narcissism Epidemic

    Site: The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement — Book Available: www.amazon.ca I highly recommend this book to teachers, parents, business professionals, etc. I am not even halfway through this book and I completely hooked. Folks take a moment and pick this up it will open...
  7. Eagle Eye

    Avatar Video Game a Complete Flop

    (20th Century Fox) CP24- While he reaps cinematic glory, Cameron earns thumbs down for video game - CTV News, Shows and Sports -- Canadian Television Honestly they should of just did without it all together. EE
  8. Eagle Eye

    Its time to start paying more attention

    Related Story...http://www.cp24.com/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20100126/100126_pedestrian/20100126/?hub=CP24Home With the recent rash of pedestrian fatailities in the last 2 weeks here the GTA I am urging everyone to take extra care while driving and walking within the city. Please get off your...
  9. Eagle Eye

    Final Cut Pro 6

    Hey all I have quick question/request I need to know where i can find a copy of final cut pro 6 (full or trial) I haven't had any luck on the web since the release of the FCP7 and the mac I need it for is running Tiger still I'm SOL. Any help is appreciated... Regards, EE :thumb:
  10. Eagle Eye

    Where's my automated Birthday wish from HWC...

    I've been looking forward to my automated Happy Birthday from HWC and it has yet to come? What gives? :haha: I guess in one sense the less I'm reminded the better, maybe next year I'll have something celebrate because this last year is one I'd like to forget. I thank those in advance for any...
  11. Eagle Eye

    A brief moment becomes a lasting memory

    TheStar.com | GTA | Irish man 'who loved Canada' drowns near Centre Island This one hits close to home its hard to believe I sat with this young man less than a week ago, we shared a couple of pints together talked about the city and his return home to Ireland. So much promise, potential and...
  12. Eagle Eye

    After the rain...

    Just thought I'd post a few shots from here in Toronto after the blast of rain thats just rolled through. Its awfully humid now, very sticky and most uncomfortable. I got some nice shots from the rooftop from my place shortly after the storm. I'm no photographer and my point and shoot has its...
  13. Eagle Eye

    3 collectors charged in TTC fare scam

    TheStar.com | GTA | 3 collectors charged in TTC fare scam One of the accused... This is enough to boil my blood to think what these guys make an hour and the sit on your ass type job they have. I bet their defence will be "duhhhh I was bored" Its no wonder we have so little respect for...
  14. Eagle Eye

    Sprite Gets Raunchy, prudes not watch

    Sprite Gets Raunchy - PerezTV The girlfriend showed me this absolutely halarious. :rofl:
  15. Eagle Eye

    Thank you SynCroNiz3

    Just wanted to let everyone know SynCroNiz3 was generous enough to donate his Thermalright LGA775 bolt thru kit and he even shipped the item express to me at no cost. Thank you again for your generosity, I won't soon forget it. Small gestures like these go along way, truly a great a community...
  16. Eagle Eye

    Insurance rates to rise in Ontario

    Wheels.ca - Insurers drive up rates for motorists - Canada's Most Trusted Auto Resource Keeps getting better for Ontario...:doh: Glad I don't drive or own a car to be quite honest I couldn't afford either the insurance or the car, heck I can barely afford transit these days. I bet for some...
  17. Eagle Eye

    Want to Buy TRUE 120 LGA775 back bracket/bolt-thru kit

    For the life of me gentlemen I don't think I could find one in the city of Toronto if I tried. Ordering one from NCIX, etc. just doesn't make economical sense since the shipping is more expensive than the bracket itself. I really just want to get my TRUE 120 setup back on my Q9550, stock...
  18. Eagle Eye

    Come one come all Round 2 Gentlemen, please vote

    Decision time...:thumb: Okay lets get this ironed out gentlemen please cast your vote for the day you can come. Once the the voting has commenced judging from the response I will update the post with a confirmed date and time. Last time we did this we went to The Loose Moose the food was...
  19. Eagle Eye

    Want to Sell Sunbeam Core-Contact Freezer

    Biostar T-Power I45 Price: SOLD Sunbeam Core-Contact Freezer Intel/AMD Heatsink Great unit comes with all the original packaging. Works great with Dual Core cpu and Quads, simple 4 step installation. A little banged up from original shipping its not the highest qaulity heatsink I've ever...
  20. Eagle Eye

    Unemployed again woohoo!!

    Yes there is some level of sarcasim attached with the title..:haha: Well my temporary 3 month position with EQ3 came to end yesterday and as of today I am officially unemployed again. I have made some calls and hopefully it will only be a couple of days off instead of months this time around...

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