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  1. AmuseMe

    Optimal Windows 10 Reinstall

    Good evening HWC, I’m looking to do a fresh, clean, new install of Windows 10 on my system and just want to know if their is a preferred / proper way of actually doing so. I have a 256gb NVME, and a 1TB SSD in my system. I’ve always used the NVME for the OS and the SSD for everything else...
  2. AmuseMe

    Alienware Graphics Amplifier

    Hey everyone, I have an Alienware Graphics Amplifier that I have had for a little over four years now. I've never used it, and it's just been sitting in the closet since I received it. Are these things still being used? Are they worth anything?
  3. AmuseMe

    Reaching a wifi signal that is /just/ out of reach

    I’m currently at the lake setting up our new trailer, and am wondering if there is some way of picking up a wifi signal that is just barely out of range so our TV / iPad They offer free, non-password / open wifi and we can just see it on our devices, but it’s not quite strong enough to pick up...
  4. AmuseMe

    2.1 PC Setup

    I’m looking for a decent computer audio 2.1 setup. Just want something basic (one cord going into the computer). Music / I was looking at these, which have been mentioned on the forum and seem solid...
  5. AmuseMe

    URGENT: Undo a Diskpart Clean Command

    Hey everyone, While going through a bunch of old USB thumb drives, I was using the command prompt diskpart, and using the 'select disk' > 'clean' > etc command, and instead of selecting the USB on the last one, I selected my D-Drive, which is literally where all my data except my OS is...
  6. AmuseMe

    Looking for Opinions on Enduro/All-Mountain Bikes

    Hi guys, The girlfriend and I are looking into getting some bikes for out at the lake, and to ride the trails by the river in Saskatoon and area. I always knew that downhill and free ride bikes weren’t cheap, but I didn’t realize that an “enduro” or “all-mountain” was still $3,000 to $4,000...
  7. AmuseMe

    Want to Buy "Gaming" Laptop

    I am currently looking for a small (15") "gaming" notebook. Nothing to extreme with a top end GPU, but something that is on the more portable side, but still have sufficient power to play games like the The Sims 4, Diablo 3, Rune Scape, etc at moderate graphics.
  8. AmuseMe

    High Quality, Hard Hitting, Low-Profile Sub

    I am in search of a low-profile sub-woofer for under the backseat of a 2019 Ram 1500 Crew Cab. Was originally looking at a JL10W7AE but it is waaaaay too big to fit without removing the seat, or without some funky, evasive box. Now looking at a JL10TW3-D4 or a Focal P25FS 10". Budget...
  9. AmuseMe

    Appropriate "External" GPU for my Alienware M15

    Hey everyone, I am wondering if there is a GPU I can get that I can run in my Alienware Graphics Amplifier, that will be better than the onboard 980M. I was given the Amplifier for free from Dell several years ago when I purchased the laptop. Basically I just want to know what the best bang...
  10. AmuseMe

    Easy Image Hosting

    What is everyone using for their image hosting, so they can link the images to forums and such? I’m looking for a minimal, leightweight and basic service. I don’t need auto-backup to the cloud, I don’t need editing software, or auto organization with albums and all that. I want something like...
  11. AmuseMe

    Speed Over Coaxle

    Hey everyone, I have a quick question about possible switching my internet provider. I am a Saskatoon resident with Sasktel infiniNET (Fiber Optic). My speed test at the time of this post, using Ookla, was 172.10 download, 51.37 upload, and 6ms ping. Shaw is offering their 300MB package for...
  12. AmuseMe

    2010 Hardware

    I assume most of this is all just fit for the recycling depot, but I thought I’d check quick. AMD A8-3800 (x1) - AD38200JZ43GX - DA 1148PGN - 9Y61491K10376 Diffued in Germany Made in Malaysia Kingston 4GB (x2) ACR512X64D3U13C9G PC3-10600U-9-10-B0
  13. AmuseMe

    Drilling through hardened plate steel

    I am in quite the predicament at work, and am in dire need of a 13/64 drill bit. Standard HSS, Titanium, and Cobalt just are not... cutting it. We have a bunch of 3/16” mild steel plate, with pilot holes plasma cut in... all the holes are under sized, and need to be chased. However, the...
  14. AmuseMe

    Running Cat 5e/6 Throughout the House

    I am looking for suggestions on how to properly run Ethernet cable throughout my house and into our devices. Running cables is the easy part, as there are old coaxial cables still poking out the walls and going down to the utility room in the basement where the internet box (Pace 5268AC) is...
  15. AmuseMe

    AutoCAD Specific Build

    Greetings everyone, I haven’t built a computer in probably five plus years, but recently I had a friend reach out to me about a custom built computer for his office. The main thing is something that can run AutoCAD and other drafting software. Now, they aren’t running 4K monitors or anything...
  16. AmuseMe

    Want to Buy TJ07 Case

    I’m looking for a TJ07. Either complete or just the unibody and side panels. Windowed or not. Black or silver.
  17. AmuseMe

    New TV - 70"+

    The girlfriend and I bought our first house and will be needing a TV. Our main room has way too much natural light coming through, and I would hate to have it blocked out all the time. So my old Panasonic VT50 will not work so great. She doesn't want anything smaller than 70", but I don't want...
  18. AmuseMe

    Can't Select SSD for OS Install

    Wanted to do a clean Windows 10 OS reinstall on my laptop. I have a 256GB SSD (boot drive, select software, etc) and a 1TB HDD. I wiped both and reformatted. They are both recognized in the BIOS, but when I get to the step where I select the install location for the OS, there is no SSD. I can...
  19. AmuseMe

    Lightning Cables, Micro-USB, Wall Chargers, Aux. Cords - Who Makes The Good Ones

    I'm getting tired of all my cheap off brand cables flaking out on me. Wondering who everyone goes to for quality cables. I had Anker before and lost the cable but was quite happy with it. Just wondering what other recommendations the community has.
  20. AmuseMe

    Want to Buy Average 15 - 17" Laptop

    Hey everyone, My parents are in search of a new computer. Dad is looking for a portable solution, in the fifteen to the seventeen-inch range. Nothing crazy, or over the top. :haha: Email, youtube, 1080P video - that's basically it. No high demand applications. No gaming.

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