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    Any Google sheets gurus on here?

    I have an open ticket with Google support, but so far they've been useless so I figured I'd post my issue here on the off chance that anyone here had experienced the same thing and knows how to fix it. We have several google sheets files that are stored in folders in google drive. Those folders...
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    Google sheets woes

    Hi all, Been banging my head against the wall for 3 days now trying to troubleshoot this issue, but still no joy, so I figured I'd try my luck here. I have a basic checklist spreadsheet set up, with a bunch of categories, then two columns set up (yes & no) with check boxes. However...when I...
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    Wireless networking woes - help please!

    Hey all, So we completed our epic relocation from AB to PEI and our moving truck showed up yesterday with all our stuff. Including my PC - woo! I've always used an ethernet cable to connect, but that's not possible in the new place so I went and grabbed an ASUS AC56 USB wifi stick for my...
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    Another new direction new direction thread!

    Apologies to ST for stealing his thread name. I think I've mentioned this to one or two people on here previously, but now it's official: My wife and I will be moving from Alberta out to PEI in a few weeks to fulfill our dream of running a bed & breakfast! We both fell in love with the...
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    Surprised to see that there isn't a thread for this here. I know it was mentioned briefly in another thread, but it needs a thread of it's own as this game is amazing. I've spent a lot of time with other open world survival games, DayZ, Ark etc, but the common theme among all of them is that at...
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    Logitech Gaming Software not installing Win 10

    OK, I'm about at the end of my rope trying to reinstall this silly software. I had it installed previously, and decided I wanted to give my G13 gamepad a go (had forgotten I had it). Set up all my keybinds, but none of the buttons work in game. Did The Google, and it seemed that it was...
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    Hunt: Showdown

    Anyone been following this? Set in Louisiana in the 1800s, so old school bolt action rifles and revolvers. You and a partner are monster hunters (think Van Helsing) who are tasked with tracking down, killing and banishing a creature. You're competing with other teams though, and it's no holds...
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    144hz monitor advice

    Decided to treat myself for Christmas this year and get a decent monitor rather than just whatever 60hz screen happens to be on sale. System powering it will be i5 7500 paired with GTX 980. Budget is still fairly limited (hoping to keep it to around $400 max) so g-sync will likely be a no-go...
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    PC on X1100T cpu/mb/cooler/ram combo

    Finally made the jump to upgrade the old rig, so will have the old X1100T, M5A97 MB, 12gb ram & CM212+ cpu cooler up for sale. I see SugarJ has had a tough time selling his 1090T combo for around $200 shipped, so I was thinking around $150 shipped for this would be reasonable. Has 4gb extra...
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    Moving across Canada - advice?

    Hey all, We're looking to make a move from Alberta to PEI, likely in the spring of next year. Sick of the rat race that is Alberta and looking for a more relaxed lifestyle. Plan is to buy a big old home and run it as a B&B. Either an existing B&B or converting a historic home into one...
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    i5 4690k & Z97 Krait

    I have an opportunity to grab a 4690k and Z97 Krait Mobo for around $220 shipped. I was considering a Ryzen 1600 based system for my long overdue upgrade, but can get this for half the price (and maybe use my existing ram?) so am considering this instead. This seems like a really good deal but...
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    For Honor

    Anyone here playing this? After the open beta weekend I wasn't planning on buying it, at least not at full price anyway, but the gameplay is just so goddamn fun that I ended up picking it up. Ubi name mobshifty if anyone wants to partner up.
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    Crazy day in the NHL today!

    Taylor Hall traded to New Jersey for Adam Larsson. PK Subban traded to Nashville for Shea Weber. Stamkos re-upping in Tampa (suck it Leafs) As an Oilers fan I'm pissed about the Hall trade, especially after seeing a comment from an unnamed GM saying he wished he'd been called as they could have...
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    Want to Sell MSI GTX 760 2gb

    Picked up a newer card so selling my old 760. Only overclocked to see how far it could OC (IIRC it was around 1150 / 1700) then set back to default clocks. Runs perfectly. Asking $100 + shipping from T4T 1K2 Prefer EMT or cash as my paypal account is inactive. Pic: Imgur: The most awesome...
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    PC on MSI GTX 760 Gaming 2gb

    Just had an opportunity to pick up an EVGA 960 SC 2gb really cheap so checking to see what I might be able to get for my 760. That 960 is an upgrade right? My 760 overclocks pretty nicely, and I suspect the 960 will struggle to overclock given the single fan (it's the mini version) I was...
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    Steam game updates with limited HD space

    Been running into a few issues lately where steam won't update a game due to insufficient disk space on my ssd. I know I need a bigger ssd (current one only 50 gb) but that's not an option for me right now. I only have the one game on it (40gb worth) but can't even apply a 300 mb patch with the...
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    Upgrade time!

    So my trusty old x1100t is starting to show it's age a little (been a fantastic cpu though) and I'm considering an upgrade in the next month or two. At this point all I'm really interested in is a cpu/mb/ram. Hoping to keep it under $500 all in, but less is good too (gotta keep the Mrs happy!)...
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    Darwin award for 980 Ti owner

    I don't even know where to begin with this one... https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/561041-980ti-darwin-awards-help
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    AMD vs NVIDIA under dx12

    I recall there was some surprise several months back when early benchmarks were done on Ashes of Singularity and it showed AMDs 290x getting similar performance to NVIDIAs 980Ti. Here's an updated article I came across yesterday comparing crossfired furys to sli titans: DX12 Benched - Fury X...
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    Budget upgrade from 6870

    Had my 6870 for a few years now but it's showing it's age and I'm having to settle for low-med settings in games now. Don't want to spend more than $200 (ideally closer to $150) so was curious what my best option would be. Was looking at GTX 960 / R9 380 if I could get one on sale / refurb but...

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