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  1. prokaryote

    Lookout Lee, here I come!

    Theme from Jaws playing in background. :ph34r::shok:
  2. prokaryote

    It's Alive!

    In keeping with my avatar's (professor Johann Steamhead) steampunk theme, my own mechanical steam powered 4 headed monster is alive and folding! Now if I can only figure out how to use IPMI from a windows 7 system to remotely monitor this box...
  3. prokaryote

    lechumble makes top 50!

    Congrats Lee for making the top 50!:clap::punk:Way To Fold
  4. prokaryote

    Not quite F@H but similar...

    Interesting article here PhysOrg.com : error Neat application for using distributed game playing! -P
  5. prokaryote

    Should we update the link to the team page?

    Hi All, On the official team stats page at Stanford's F@H, we only have the generic link to a team page. Team 54196's contributions to Folding@home If one clicks on the link to the generic home page, they give instructions on how to update the link. Is it a good idea to update the link with...
  6. prokaryote

    Interlagos or Ivy Bridge Xeon for future system?

    Hi all, So I'm contemplating a new folding rig for Q1 next year and wanted to get the expert's opinion. So without further ado: Ivy Bridge based Xeon or AMD Interlagos? 2 socket or 4 socket MB? Windows Server or Linux? $8,000k budget limit Some other combo? Limited to 1500 Watts if...

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