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  1. DKcounty007

    FIIO E7 new version

    The E07K is great comparing to just stock sound card on my laptop. I used an ATH-M50 and I could hear stronger bass and more clear sound. I tried to use an OTG microUSB cable to hook up my Nexus4 but it didn't work...
  2. DKcounty007

    Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

    Word. I had a pair of Logitech UE Ultimate Ears headphones, at one time I accidentally touched it with a magnet. Logitech gave me a new pair, no question asked. That's PRO!
  3. DKcounty007

    Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

    Really interested in this mouse, I think Logitech really wants to tackle the MMO gaming market as Razer has really taken a big piece of the pie in the last few years with their mouses/keyboards/headsets/etc... I have a Naga Molten and it feels really good, but the side buttons are just too...
  4. DKcounty007

    Help in Choosing Wireless Mouse

    Or you can wait for the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse... Logitech® G600 MMO Gaming Mouse
  5. DKcounty007

    Watchdog Trailer

    Not sure how much of the trailer is scripted, and how open the world would be considering the game allows you to interact with the environments like traffic lights, cellphones, etc...However this is my mostly anticipated game beside The Last of Us...
  6. DKcounty007

    Wii U Controller

    The positions of the thumb sticks are pretty weird, if you need to use the ABXY buttons you'll have to shift down and there's quite a distance between the two.
  7. DKcounty007

    Saitek Eclipse Wired Keyboard $85 off now only $24.99

    For a limited time, NCIX is having the Saitek Eclipse Wired Keyboard for only $25. Never used a Saitek product before but heard good stuffs about their flight simulator series products. People are saying that the LCD touch-sensitive Media Panel have a bit of lack but it's programmable for...
  8. DKcounty007

    ZOTAC GTX 560Ti OC $169.99 after MIR

    Zotac factory overclocked 560Ti on promotion @ Tigerdirect, good upgrade for Diablo3 Buy the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 560 Ti OverClocked 1GB GDDR5 at TigerDirect.ca
  9. DKcounty007

    Diablo 3

    This game is treating me very nicely, running high on my 3 years old laptop with no problem. Lvl 18 Demon Hunter, stacking up on Dex for maximum damage right now.
  10. DKcounty007

    Diablo III - What hero will you play?

    Male demon hunter, prefer dual wield crossbows than 2-hand bows....also Rapid Fire is the oddest thing that came out of Diablo3.
  11. DKcounty007

    Save $5 Off TP-Link 300Mbps TL-WR841N Wireless N Router, $26.99 after discount

    Found a great deal for a wireless N Router for an already pretty cheap price. Simply enter the coupon code before checkout and it's all good! $31.99-$5 = $26.99 after discount Coupon code: tplink5 source: Save $5 Off TP-Link 300Mbps TL-WR841N Wireless N Router product page: Buy TP-Link...
  12. DKcounty007

    Galaxy GTX 560 Ti Gc 175$ after MIR @ Tigerdirect

    Are you talking about this card? PNY VCGGTX560TXPB-OC XLR8 GTX 560 Ti 1024 MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card: Amazon.ca: Electronics it's currently listed $185 on Amazon and it's a very decent card considering the price. If what you're saying is true then I might considering getting the...
  13. DKcounty007

    The Giant 'mostly' Canadian Online Vendors List - updated daily - no dead links

    is this list updated? You can also add Vuugo.com to the list of Canadian Vendor as well...They are located in Toronto and ship across nation...$7 flat rate shipping for most items too.
  14. DKcounty007

    OCZ Vertex 3 120GB - $109.99

    Nice find, looking for a SSD update, this is good!
  15. DKcounty007

    Razer Tiamat 7.1 analog

    I was lucky to get a pair in from an online store, thankfully as they told me that another shipment won't arrive in the GTA area until late May...my previous headset is the PS3 wireless stereo headset, and these really does sound a lot of better than the average ones. Pro: - sounds does give a...
  16. DKcounty007

    Deus Ex : HR "we are truely sorry"

    I've been playing this game Metal Gear Solid style with stealth only. My only weapons at hands are the Stun Gun, Tranquilizer Rifle, and the handgun with Silencer and Red-Dot Scope. When I got to the boss fights, I got completely pwned by the A.I.
  17. DKcounty007

    Flight Simulator Requierements

    Hey I just found this item on a website for a cheaper price, does GameShark Canada have Free shipping? Because the one I found will ship for $6.99... Buy Saitek PZ44 Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System online in Canada
  18. DKcounty007

    Dark Souls for PC

    Not to mention that since it's on the PC, we can expect a longer Server lifespan than the console counterparts...Demon Souls Server you've treated me well R.I.P May 31, 2012 :sad:

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