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  1. SwingOP3

    Happy "Upgraded Maxwell support for Core17" Day!!

    From the FAH News site Hopefully this will resolve the "So Slow So Hot - Core15" issues.
  2. SwingOP3

    FahCore17 for AMD is Here!!

    Announced today is the beta release of FahCore17. It uses OpenCL so the AMD cards should show some muscle. I saw a post saying that a 7970 was doing ~47,000 ppd. They do use one cpu core so there will be some tuning to do but that goes for the NVidia cards as well. More info here as well as the...
  3. SwingOP3

    Internet Outage - Update

    Well it looks like this mornings thunderstorm took out my router. ISP says they won't be able to replace the router until Saturday afternoon so there will be no folding done until then.
  4. SwingOP3

    Chimp Challenge Wrong Name Alert!!

    Check your clients! Someone has just posted points under "BeaverS_Gone_Bananas_". A couple of gpu 1835 pointers. It should be "Beavers_Gone_Bananas"
  5. SwingOP3

    High Number of Work Units?

    So what's the deal with huge increase in work units for basically the same points? Some kinda Super-Uniprocessor-Server-Folder??
  6. SwingOP3

    I'll be Folding for "Rose" for a Bit; Donate to Gordon's Stanford server

    Edit by Chrisk: Full Taoer has a post here that gives info on a donation drive to get a Stanford server in Gordon's name. Gordon Smitheman and his wife both passed away recently. Gordon was huge in the folding community, and for HWC in particular, he was instrumental in getting us involved in...

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