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    psu question

    So I am building a new rig this holiday season. Basically going with all new hardware throughout. I am purchasing a i7-7820x, MSI x299 mobo and a 780ti 32gb ram plus all the other goodies required for the build. My question is about the PSU. I have a thermaltake 1200w power supply that I...
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    Windows 7 Issue - No restart, no install

    I have had the same problem with my system with windows 10. Almost always when I restart or turn off my computer I get the same windows error. I need to restart and before windows starts pressing f8 will open my motherboards boot manager and then I must manually find and select my boot drive (...
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    Something strange with laptop keyboard ( shift+ some of the keys)

    Same problem Not sure what the problem is but my Asus work laptop does the same thing every now and then and the only way to correct it is to power off and restart. It's almost like it's mixing a French letter set and other strange characters together. Curious too.
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    I just got mine yesterday in the mail and I absolutely love it ! I need to upgrade from my 580's yet to try the streaming feature (which i am looking forward too). Even without it working yet it is still awsome to be able to sit on the couch and play android games with a proper controller and...
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    New gpus from nvidia?

    I just did a fresh install on my sytem, got a new 2tb hdd and while downloading drivers i noticed on the gpu list there is now a 730m ? Anyone know anything about this?
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    Hey soulless, i recently upgraded my fatherinlaws old c2d system for him and i have his old...

    Hey soulless, i recently upgraded my fatherinlaws old c2d system for him and i have his old mobo, processor and ram. its yours for free for a fellow hwc member if you want it. it was woking when i pulled it. I dont know the model number of the board but it is a generic foxcon mixro atx.
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    How to protect your sensitive data NCIX style

    Here is a picture of a platter from my old 75gb sata 1 raptor. http://i1071.photobucket.com/albums/u503/masterboxbuilder/IMG_20120916_141800.jpg
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    How to protect your sensitive data NCIX style

    I love to destroy old pc components in my garage with my hight powered air rifles. HDD are my favorite, i take the cover off plug them into a jumped power supply and shoot them while they are spinning. I dont know the difference but some platters are definitely made of a glass like material and...
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    Asetek Sues CoolIt Over Liquid Cooling Patent

    Substitute processor for engine and has this not been around for 80 + years. In the meantime i have submitted patent approval for circles with square corners and triangles with small screens and offset grid alignment of icons for the future hopes of a lawsuit based on my "innovation"
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    Pc on or off

    I keep mine always on (my current and past systems) and have for years. If your going to leave it on all the time and dont care about your electric bill, why not do some folding for HWC team :-) .
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    Let's go team! Post your Folders for the CC...

    Here is what i have to help out with. I just put the 460 in today for some extra ppd.Way To Fold
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    HWC 2012 Chimp Challenge Rules Thread!! Lets go bananas!!!!

    Could i get the passkey too, I would love to contribute some extra ppd.
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    Double boot + Hang

    Well i have let FAH -SMP run now for a couple days. Just about to finish my 9th work unit and no problems. I think my o.c. is pretty stable. Duck2h I dont think the double booting is related to the o.c , but i could be wrong.
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    Double boot + Hang

    probably not the place to ask this but what kind of ppd difference should i get/expect over the normal clients?
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    Double boot + Hang

    i have run 1 full work unit and 80 % done the second smp and no crashes or hangs. Kind of a small sample base tho.
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    Double boot + Hang

    Just installed the smp client, gonna give it a try.
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    Double boot + Hang

    mystery double boot i know its not the same but, I have a p8p67 pro and my board does the same thing too except more like once a month it occurs. It did it more frequently on my board before the b3 revision. I couldnt tell you if it does it on stock speeds because i o.c.'ed my 2600k the day i...
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    BF3 Patch issues... Post here

    the bipod worked for me playing earlier tonight.
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    Console gaming to you!?

    I game 100% on PC. I have a ps3 and a wii but they never get used, except for netflix streaming or blu-ray playback.
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    New HCF folding members please post here for intro and tag requests!

    Hi, i kinda forgot to do this awhile ago, but have been folding for hwc for a couple months now, off and on. username = masterboxbuilder

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