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    How do you like the Dell U2412M?

    How do you like the Dell U2412M?
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    Want to buy 4 GB DDR2 6400

    Hey yo, I am doing a low cost upgrade and I need some DDR2 for the new mobo (XFX 680i SLI). My buddy was going to sell me 4x1GB Corsair but he scoffed at the prices of replacing his sticks with new ones. I too was suprised to see how much the price has gone up in recent months so I'm just...
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    8800GTX or Radeon 4850

    Would you buy a used 8800 GTX for $100 or a new 4850 (512 MB) for $80 to replace a busted X800? Will be using a 1680x1050 Dell Ultrasharp monitor... Currently using an AMD 3700+ system, Thermaltake Tsunami case, Enermax Noisetaker II PSU (485W)...which is sorely outdated but likely updating...
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    i7 or Phenom II X4 build

    I've thought about doing i5 but for the cost, might as well go to the i7. I guess the biggest places to change price is in the cpu, mobo and gpu...the 4890 seems to beat the GTX 275 in most cases from what I've been reading...and I could also pick up another one later on if I want to get better...
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    i7 or Phenom II X4 build

    Hey yo, I want to build a new computer as I can no longer run some games that I want to play (Dragon Age, MW2) that I would prefer to play on PC vs 360/PS3. I can reuse my monitor (1680x1050), hard drives, dvdrw. The power supply is an Enermax Noisetaker 485 W and my case is a Thermaltake...
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    Thoughts on my I7 build

    It's possible. The forum I found it on seemed to think the same thing. Most of the other reviews I"ve read have found it to be excellent but I'm not going to be doing any major OC so I don't think I need to splurge so much on the best of the best.
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    Thoughts on my I7 build

    What about the Scythe Mugen 2? Based on Prolimatech Megahalems and 12 Other Coolers for Intel Core i7 Overclocking - X-bit labs, it performs as well as the Megahalem at almost half the cost. Or the COGAGE True Spirit which is also a nicer price.
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    Thoughts on my I7 build

    Ok, so I'm thinking perhaps the Corsair HX70 will be a nice buy...modular and great performance. I think I'm gonna go with the HAF 932 for case. Now for the video card, right now I've got the BFG GTX 275 OC...saw it on CanadaComputers for $214.99....this one seems to be the best value for...
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    Thoughts on my I7 build

    I was considering the Gigabyte mobo at first but after doing some research, decided the EVGA had some better features. grifter, I'm not sure I need to go to the full tower 1200 for this setup...why do you suggest the G-Skill and the GTX 260? One other thing I was thinking about...would it be...
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    Thoughts on my I7 build

    Hi all, I'm currently looking to build a new computer...my current one has an ASUS A8N-E, AMD 3700+ and ATI X800...it's a decent unit but it's age is starting to show. I'd like to go with a good I7 system for now and future...main uses are gaming, some Photoshop and just general everyday...

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