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    Want to Buy 1155 i5

    what is your budget for ASRock Z68 Extreme4 mobo + 2600K? I might be freeing up that set up soon
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    1V4N Feedback

    I am fairly quiet on the HWC forums, and been around a while and made a few transactions with other HWC members -- unfortunately any previous feedback was wiped out due the the iTrader issues in the past. I am 100% with all my other feedbacks (see my signature links). Please leave any/all...
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    Your_Friendly_Gamer's feedback

    Great trade transaction. Easy communicator, smooth transaction. Highly recommended, would not hesitate to deal with again. AAA+
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    Want to Buy R9 290 / 290X & Waterblock

    I have 2x brand new PSU's available, one is modular, other isn't: COUGAR CMX1000 1000Watt 80Plus Bronze Certified PSU Brand New -- $120 LEPA MaxBron B1000-MB 1000W Single +12V Rail 80Plus Bronze Certified Modular PSU -- Brand New $120
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    Want to Sell Add2Psu adapters

    Both Titans are spoken for now? If not, I'd like to throw my hat in for one of them.
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    Downsizing to mATX or mITX... but where are all the nice, small cases?

    Get the upcoming Colossus M (Mini ITX) from BitFenix....will be out shortly. It has front door, and behind that its got 5.25" drive bay. Its same interior layout as the Prodigy Mini ITX, and I actually like this case!
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    EVGA Hadron Air Mini ITX Case Review Comment Thread

    Good review! Initial appearance looks good, but once you spot all those short-cuts EVGA went with regarding the "unfinished" painting of the interior it was "too good to be true". EVGA is trying to expand their products, but they are only good for decent graphics cards and their PSU are meh...
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    Simplest of "case mods" ever - fan filter question

    You can get better cases than those Cooler Master ones. I am personally not, nor ever been a fan (no pun intended) of Cooler Master products. If you are interested in Air Filters, these are great! IN WIN Magnetic Air Filter 160x180mmx1mm (2x pieces) I use these in several of my Bitfenix...
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    Want to Sell PC Components

    Bump! Seasonic PSU Sold!
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    Want to Sell PC Components

    AMD CPU pending; multiple interests in Seasonic PSU
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    Want to Sell PC Components

    Up we go! Prices adjusted :)
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    Want to Sell PC Components

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    Want to Sell PC Components

    Bump, several items now pending.
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    Want to Sell PC Components

    Bump it up :)
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    Want to Sell PC Components

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    Want to Sell PC Components

    As title states, I have several items available for sale. I don't feedback on HWC, however I have dealt with a few other members prior to the HWC forums resetting. I can provide names of those who I have previously dealt with here if needed. All items are either brand new/sealed, or opened...
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    Want to Buy ITX MB & CPU

    I have a brand new sealed FX8120 Black Edition laying around.
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    Want to Sell CrossOver 27Q LED-P 27" IPS 2560x1440 monitor

    Hi, I am interested in the CrossOver 27Q LED-P 27" IPS 2560x1440 monitor. Would you be willing to sell it for $325 if I pick up from you? I can send partial PayPal deposit to confirm my interest if you would like. Thanks for your considerations. Sincerely, Ivan
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    Replacing an air cooler on a used watercooled card surprise!

    Got a used GTX460 1GB w/block in a trade for my mobo. When I received it, the first thing I wanted to do was clean and apply new thermal paste to the core. To my surprise the previous owner never removed the "protective" film over the pads that make direct contact to the ram & VRM modules! The...

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