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    1V4N Feedback

    I am fairly quiet on the HWC forums, and been around a while and made a few transactions with other HWC members -- unfortunately any previous feedback was wiped out due the the iTrader issues in the past. I am 100% with all my other feedbacks (see my signature links). Please leave any/all...
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    Want to Sell PC Components

    As title states, I have several items available for sale. I don't feedback on HWC, however I have dealt with a few other members prior to the HWC forums resetting. I can provide names of those who I have previously dealt with here if needed. All items are either brand new/sealed, or opened...
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    Computer Cases, PSU's, GTX670, Z77 M-ITX, Gaming Peripherals, etc.

    I currently have a custom-loop i7-2700K system, and wanted to upgrade from the Switch 810 White to one of the newer Phantoms, however I'm brutally lazy & find it trying at times to flush out my build just to swap cases, install a GTX460 1GB (w/GPU block) PhysX card and possibly replace a...

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