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    Gallery Lian Li PC-8NWX (December 2012 Update)

    HiHi :canadianwave: It has been a while since I've done anything with my rig (view original post below), but I decided to have fun with my computer once again before chrismas and here is what it looks like! Changes I have made since last year: - Removed the hard drive cage and installed an...
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    Watercooling for the first time and need help

    First of all hello everyone :) Alright so I always wanted to go watercooling and I decided to make myself that gift. The thing is I know nothing about it so I will need some help. The watercoolign is mainly for silence/oc. First of all, here is my current rig [Youtube:836lPk2I2M4] The best...
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    Gallery My CM 690 II Advanced Build

    Got this case as soon as it came out, and would not trade it for anything else (well maybe for some high end lian-li....) Painted the mesh, brackets couple times already but red and white were getting too flashy so I went back to the good old black. One or two more things to do, but the main...