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    NVIDIA Completes Acquisition of Icera

    if ur talking bout me there was a mistake that said NIDIA instead of NVIDIA and i just pointed it out
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    NVIDIA Completes Acquisition of Icera

    Dont know who NIDIA is :haha:
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    Next Week's Patch Tuesday Bigger Than Normal

    Probably just like any other update just lots of them at once
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    Spire Introduces the Swirl Cylinder Towering CPU Cooler

    Looks a bit like those weird Thermaltake ones
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    Deepcool Working on Behemoth CPU Cooler named "Assassin"

    :rofl: :rofl: :clap: :offtopic: good one but technology wise and ON-topic it is true
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    Deepcool Working on Behemoth CPU Cooler named "Assassin"

    sometimes putting two into one is better
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    Club3D Releases New 1200 Watt Power Supply

    holy :censored: indeed ^
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    OCZ Releases Agility 3 and Solid 3 SATA III SSDs

    by the look of the pictures more like NVIDIA edition and AMD edition not Agility and Solid haha
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    Antec Launches KÜHLER H2O 920 Maximum-Performance CPU Cooler

    I'd love to see how this matches against the Corsair water cooling solutions
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    EVGA Unveils GeForce GTX 460 2Win Dual-GPU Surprise

    NOW we find out what those pictures were on their desk couple months back!!! There was more..... hehehe
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    AMD Radeon HD 6990 Pictured, Launch Imminent

    Stop comparing the 6990 to GTX580 its a dual vs a single. GTX480 was emberrasing when it caught up the the dual gpu 5970 in like few benchmarks Thats when we compare
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    AMD Radeon HD 6990 Pictured, Launch Imminent

    Dear AMD, GOOD LUCK LOL! Sincerely, NVIDIA
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    Intel Announces $5B Factory with 14nm Production

    @above and still be 2x more powerful :)
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    Intel 6 Series Chipset Debacle: Manufacturer and Retailer Responses

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: TIGER DIRECT WOULD STILL BE SELLING yes i love evga :D
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    Intel Sandy Bridge Core i5-2500K & Core i7-2600K Processors Review Comment Thread

    2600K for 317$ AND BEATS THE 980X in some benchmarks that is for 1000$? how? I guess I'm moving to sandy bridge now?
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    EVGA P67 Classified Motherboard Spotted

    Well then, instead of buying an X58 maybe ill go with this one instead? xD
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    AMD and NVIDIA Bicker About Antialiasing Cheat in H.A.W.X

    so i dont get it. I'd like to play on hacks.exe and obtain a better quality instead of playing on hawks.exe and get worse quality? what? i dont know what im talking about and i dont know what im reading...
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    Cooler Master Also Posts NVIDIA Themed 690 II Advanced

    thats hot. Idk if i should upgrade to that or the Obsidian 800D for watercooling
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    Cooler Master Releasing NVIDIA Themed HAF-X

    i dont know whats so bad. i cant even open the pictures lmao

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