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  1. artistpavel

    Samsung SSD warranty and Bestdirect.ca not being an authorized dealer (lolwut)

    My 6 years old 850 Pro has died. It has a 10 years old warranty which I loved and paid the premium for. This is what the customer support has said: "We would like to inform you that Bestdirect.ca is not a Samsung authorized dealer and warranty on products purchased through them will be honoured...
  2. artistpavel

    Is that a GPU crapping out?

    UPDATE: received RMA Galax 970 EXOC 4GB Black Edition Every time I play Battlefield Bad Company 2, the PC locks up with a repeating sound and screen like this. Running stock at this time, drivers are clean reinstalled. Time to RMA GPU? GTX 780
  3. artistpavel

    Is GTX 1080 the answer to 3440x1440 gaming?

    There's very little information about the 21:9 performance, but I know quite a few HardwareCanuckers who have it, is GTX 1080 the final solution or is there a reason to wait for Ti? I'm talking about solid, hassle free 60fps maxed out gaming on a single card. Another question would any of the...
  4. artistpavel

    [Guide] How much RAM is enough.

    By Youtube user smg242: 512MB RAM- For the poor. Or smartphones. (Even then I think that's really low) 1GB RAM- For mid-range machines from 2004. Or for the less fortunate. 2GB RAM- For low-end machines and laptops, or high-end smartphones. 4GB RAM- Bare, bare minimum for modern games. Will...
  5. artistpavel

    Free DDR (2x256MB) and (2x512MB)

    Giving away DDR memory to someone who still needs it, local pickup near Fairview Mall, Toronto.
  6. artistpavel

    Want to Sell Dell 3008WFP 30" 2560x1600 monitor

    This is one of those elusive premium monitors that has attained almost a legendary status among professionals and enthusiasts. No dead or white pixels. Displays 2560x1600 @60Hz signal through DisplayPort or DVI cables. Due to the size, local Toronto pick up (near Fairview Mall) is preferred...
  7. artistpavel

    Want to Sell Intel i7-930 CPU for LGA 1366

    i7-930 CPU works well, was running at moderate 3.4 most of its life. If you don't need a heatsink and a box, will ship CPU only in a bubble envelope. Accepting EMT, will ship by Canada Post based on your postal code. Intel i7-930 CPU: SOLD
  8. artistpavel

    Xeon X5650 as an alternative to an X99 upgrade

    I have i7 930 on an ASUS P6X58D Premium LGA 1366 motherboard which is mostly used for Photoshop and Premiere Pro. I wanted to go with the new platform, but after adding Intel Core i7-5820K Haswell-E 6-Core 3.3GHz LGA 2011-v3 140W Desktop Processor BX80648I75820K - Newegg.ca ASUS X99-A LGA...
  9. artistpavel

    Celeron 1.6GHz 2GB RAM laptop from 2006

    Ancient, yet surprisingly snappy laptop, does everything except gaming and playing HD video. Does it have ANY market value?
  10. artistpavel

    Want to Sell 120" 8'x6' High Contrast Gray Projector Screen (GTA local pick up)

    Selling a high quality projector screen I used with my HTPC, this is the gray version that brings deeper blacks, made of 4 layer laminated fiberglass, very sturdy and has all the qualities of the movie theatre screen material. It has 4 hooks for hanging. Size 8'x6', 120" diagonal, comes rolled...
  11. artistpavel

    Want to Sell OCZ Vendetta 2 120mm LGA 775 LGA 1366 CPU Air Cooler

    Selling my Vendetta 2 CPU cooler, amazing piece of engineering from the golden age of air cooling, used to overclock like crazy and the temps wouldn't go up much, sad I have to let it go. Comes with LGA 775 XIGMATEK ACK-I7751 retention brackets which I bought separately and another set for LGA...
  12. artistpavel

    Want to Sell 2x EVGA GTX 580 (dual fan) superclocked

    Selling two GTX 580 DS SC (rare edition, looks good) One is registered for a lifetime warranty which I'll try to assist with, the other one is non registered, so you can use S/N and see what you can get for an EVGA limited warranty. $200 each + shipping by EMT or free pickup near Fairview...
  13. artistpavel

    Want to Buy EVGA GTX 580 DS SC

    Looking for this particular SKU http://i.pcworld.fr/1208941-evgageforcegtx580dssuperclocked04.jpg
  14. artistpavel

    Samsung SSD support in Canada

    So my new Samsung 840 MZ-7TD120BW purchased from NCIX brick and mortar store died on me after a few months, I went to a Canadian Samsung support website to only find Optical Drives available from menu and when you try to search for SSD you get this message "Canadian customers that have...
  15. artistpavel

    GT 520 Audio vs Xonar D1 SPDIF

    I have ordered an EVGA GT 520 card along with a Xonar D1 with intention of running the old school SPDIF cable from an audio card to a video card and then connecting the whole thing to a VSX-1021-K receiver over HDMI 1.4a. To my surprise I learned you no longer need a dedicated sound card, since...
  16. artistpavel

    Want to Sell Silverstone Sugo SG02B-F Small Case (HTPC friendly)

    Selling my trusty HTPC case, it's small but can fit the longest cards. There's a scratch on the top, but the rest is well kept, the front has a perfect piano black finish. Comes in original box with a manual, all little parts are screwed back in. EMT and local pick-up are preferred (item is...
  17. artistpavel

    Does restoring an image degrade SSD?

    I use Acronis to restore an image from time to time, does it have an affect on the amount of read/write cycles left?
  18. artistpavel

    GTX 580 DS with cosmetic damage

    Just got a brand new GTX 580 DS and noticed a scratch on the paint, the item is not an open box, so it looks like it came like that from the factory. The card works fine but that little thing bugs me when I look at it through the case window. Would you bother replacing it? It's only cosmetics...
  19. artistpavel

    Would EVGA know?

    When I first received my SC GTX 275 I messed around and flashed it with FTW bios, didn't like the fan noise and stuff, so I flashed it back. What would happen if I send this card to EVGA 2 years later? Is my warranty void?
  20. artistpavel

    OCZ Vertex 120GB dies

    Purchased this in mid 2009, 18 months later it started having corrupt sectors and died. I looked at the product page and it all filled with one egg reviews and similar timing, people say even RMAed replacements still die. I payed $400, disappointed. Newegg.ca - OCZ Vertex Series...

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