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  1. Jokester

    Want to Sell Ryzen 3200G combo. 16GB gskill. B450 motherboards

    Located on Vancouver Island. ship via Canada post. EMT or Paypal. Brand new was going to use but changed my mind. AMD Ryzen 3200G Asus Tuf Gaming B450M Plus II GSkill 16GB 3200 memory $350 (+shipping) PENDING MSI B450M Bazooka Max Wifi motherboard. Used. works great. $70 (SOLD)
  2. Jokester

    Want to Buy FOUND! Thanks!

    Doing a silly project for fun. looking for a gpu with a block. doesn't matter what it is. just a gpu with a water block that isn't going to break the bank. or if someone has an EVGA GTX 470 sitting in their closet id take one of those instead.
  3. Jokester

    Ryzen 3800x

    does $400-450 seem fair or is that on the high side for these now?
  4. Jokester

    Want to Sell 12mm Barrow compression hardline set and tubing

    6x Barrow 12mm 90 degree compression on both ends 4x Barrow 12mm compression G1/4 2x Bykski 12mm compression G1/4 5x 12mm PETG Hard tubing Would like to sell as a package, SOLD to canada2005
  5. Jokester

    Want to Sell Closet clean out. i5 2500. watercooling parts

    Bunch of parts, a lot of parts are either new or used for only a few hours. Prices are OBO Located in North Vancouver, local meetup/pickup available. photos here: https://imgur.com/a/XIKBZKi Darkside UV 4.1 LED light 12" with 3 pin passthrough cable: sold Heatkiller IV (darkside edition) $75...
  6. Jokester

    Mods deleting posts in BST

    I get that there are rules regarding photos being posted with items for sale. Its always been the rule. I updated one of my old threads for some parts Im selling off. I guess one of my photos links didn't make it into the thread when I updated it. Rather then just say "Hey looks like one of your...
  7. Jokester

    6700k, Asus Maximus VIII

    6700k that does 4.8Ghz easy. with an Asus Maximus VIII Gene? was also thinking of selling the 16GB G.skill I have with it but not sure if its worth it.
  8. Jokester

    Warhammer: Vermintide 2

    Anyone else jump on this? Only had time to play a bit of it last night but so far really fun and the graphics look great. Hopefully get some more time this weekend to try it out properly. Save 10% on Warhammer: Vermintide 2 on Steam
  9. Jokester

    used Acer XB270HU or Predator XB271HU

    So I can buy a XB270HU that has little to no light bleed, but no longer under warranty for $750 probably can get it down to $700. or just buy a new XB271HU from amazon.ca for 850 and take my chances on lightbleed etc. Just not sure the newer display has any real advances that would be worth it...
  10. Jokester

    G502 vs M65 Pro Mouse off

    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum vs Corsair M65 Pro RGB I decided to replace my aging Logitech G9x with an updated mouse. There is a tonne of options on the market but the M65 is one that is recommended for fans of the G9x. I decided at the same time to try the highly praised G502 Proteus...
  11. Jokester

    Best wireless router

    Looking to replace my aging TP-link that has spotting performance and has to be rebooting for time to time these days. The only problem in selecting a new one is, every time I think I found one I see people having issues with them, even the expensive models. The place is 1,100 SqFt, as long...
  12. Jokester

    Quake Champions

    Just got my key emailed for the beta. Currently downloading it. Anyone else sign up for the closed beta? https://quake.bethesda.net/en/signup https://youtu.be/oq7Dy1kkuLA
  13. Jokester

    Seahawk 1070

    I was doing so looking for 1070s for a coworker and noticed that the MSI seahawk comes with a custom ek waterblock. Have they partnered with ek before or is this a first? Pretty interesting to see of this becomes a common practice! MSI GeForce GTX 1070 DirectX 12 GTX 1070 SEA HAWK EK X 8GB...
  14. Jokester

    Want to Buy .5mm thermal pad vancouver

    Went to put a block together... don't have enough thermal pads. Just thought I'd check in case someone had some I could buy :whistle:
  15. Jokester

    2600k, Asus iv Gene-z

    Thought about putting this in my media center, but just doesn't seem much point to that :blarg: So: 2600k chip, Asus IV Gene-Z 1155 motherboard, and a Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB 2400Mhz kit Seems like the board is going for a bit still on ebay but I don't know how realistic those prices are?
  16. Jokester

    Work in progress Lian-Dream: return of the water

    So back in 2011 I left watercooling since I was working away from home from long periods of time. Since then I have returned to working closer to home. Then EK came out with the predator, I thought it looked like a great and quick way to get back under water. Unfortunately they seem to have a...
  17. Jokester

    Dazmode LP360

    anyone currently running one of these give me an idea of what kind of performance to expect? They look quite good. But never used a rad from Dazmode. Thanks in advance! Disregard, ordered one to try out. Going back to custom after the second failure of the ek Predator :blarg:
  18. Jokester

    shuts down on reset, requires cmos clear.

    So I had to pull my rig apart to send back my ek Predator 240. So threw it back together today with just an air cooler on. no big deal... so go to boot up and its not working so I reset cmos and it posts. go into bios change a couple things, save and restart. computer just shuts down. Push the...
  19. Jokester

    MSI GTX 680 twinfroz

    Just wondering what the 680s are going for now? Would be with box etc not sure that makes much difference. Cheers!
  20. Jokester

    Want to Sell Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ 4Bay 4TB

    Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ 4-Bay with two WD Green 2TB drives. Space for two more. Upgraded to 1GB internal memory. Easy to setup, works great. $350 obo

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