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  1. lowfat

    Work in progress Mother Dark. Fractal Torrent.

    Specs: AMD 5800X Asus X570-Pro Prime 2x16GB G.Skill b-die EVGA 3080 FTW3 MSI 3070 Ventus Antec 1000W Titanium 256GB Samsung 950 Pro for boot 2TB Adata SX8200 Pro for apps/games 2TB Adata SX8200 Pro for everything else Fractal Torrent Case showed up yesterday. Seeing what I can fit for rads...
  2. lowfat

    WIP Tool Changer Printer Build

    Finally going to start working on my 'new' big printer. Still very much in design faze. Frame is 3030 aluminum extrusion. Build volume around 300x300x450mm. CoreXY. Hardware: Hotend - Triangle Labs Dragon High Flow Extruder - Oribiter w/ LDO NEMA15 stepper Control Board - Duet 2 Wifi + Rasp Pi...
  3. lowfat

    Klipper FW + Input Shaper + more tuning.

    Might as well make my own thread to post results. More info on the resonance testing. https://www.klipper3d.org/Measuring_Resonances.html Pic of the accelerometer installed on the carriage. If your bed moves on the Y axis you'd also need to mount it to the bed as well. First runs. From what...
  4. lowfat

    Want to Sell SOLD

    SOLD 3900X. $475 shipped. Includes unused stock cooler. SOLD. Gigabyte GTX1080 $350 shipped. Shroud and IO painted black. Shunt modded for a 20% higher power limit. Buy both and I'll knock $40 off.
  5. lowfat

    Ampere Overclocking

    Anyone w/ a 3000 series card play around w/ overclocking at all yet? Received an MSI 3070 Ventus 3X OC yesterday. Immediately flashed it to Asus TUF bios to increase the power limit. Which was really easy and straight forward. This allowed the power limit to increase to 112%...
  6. lowfat

    Budget Subwoofer amp

    Have had an old Padadigm SB-90 subwoofer unused for close to 20 years. Don't have neighbours any more so I thought I'd hook it up again. Problem is, its passive. I'm driving it off my NAD D 3020. Has a few issues tho. I have no control over sub volume. It is a getting a whopping 60 WRMS. It's...
  7. lowfat

    Any electrical engineers / DIY electronics people?

    I'm trying to design a multi-channel LED controller. The controller will allow 24v - 48V input up to 350W total. The problem I am trying to resolve is reverse polarity protection. The internet tells me the best solution is to use a p-channel mosfet instead of a diode due to their being...
  8. lowfat

    DIY Gaming Keypad Worklog

    Want something to replace my Razer Orbweaver but w/ more keys. I also find I can't really reach the top row of keys w/o picking my hand off of it. Plan is something along these lines for key placement. I have all parts on order. Key switches are going to be Kailh Box Whites. They are a...
  9. lowfat

    Baldur's Gate 3

    Opening cinematic is straight up ridiculous. Some gameplay CLIFFS: Plays a lot like Divinity Original Sin 2 but w/ DnD mechanics, story, etc. All dialogue is cutscenes, character models look awesome. But still no voiced main character. Although this may change closer to release. It is...
  10. lowfat

    i5-6400 + Asus Z170-A

    A delidded i5-6400 w/ an Asus Z170-A. CPU is delidded and will do 4.5GHz+. Is $250 reasonable or no?
  11. lowfat

    Want to Buy Haswell compatible ITX board

    Look for a H81, B85, Q85, Q87, H87, Z87, or Z97 ITX motherboard. The cheaper the better.
  12. lowfat

    My new home automation micro server

    Raspberry Pi 2B (overclocked to 1GHz) w/ a 120GB SATA SSD over USB2.0 :biggrin:. Enclosure was printed on my Prusa MK3. System runs Raspbian Stretch Lite. It is running 3 major apps that I use for home automation. Home Assistant. Which IMO is the most powerful smart home controller +...
  13. lowfat

    10 FT+ DisplayPort Cables

    Need a couple of 10 FT DisplayPort cables so I can redo the wiring on my desk the proper way. Except I am seeing a lot of bad reviews w/ 10 FT cables when using 120Hz+ @ 2560x1440. Issues w/ drop outs, flickering, etc. So if anyone is using a 10 FT cable 120Hz+, what are you using?
  14. lowfat

    Linux permissions for smb/cifs share

    I created a smb/cifs share on the host debian9/proxmox system. I want it to be a public share that every system/user can have read/write access. Here is the important info from the /etc/samba/smb.conf file [global] workgroup = WORKGROUP server string = Samba Server %v netbios name = pve...
  15. lowfat

    Complete mechanical keyboard teardown/cleaning

    My Filco is 8 years old and has had more than a few drinks spilled on it over the keys. I've replaced a few of the switches a few years back. But I found that it needed a lot more TLC. The keyboard as it was before I started. White WASD ABS caps and was plastidipped a red pearl. Opened the...
  16. lowfat

    Completed The Crippled God. Scratch Open Frame Build.

    I've always planned on doing one more major watercooled case mod then moving on to a less time consuming hobby. I originally wanted to use my BNIB Tagan / A+ Black Pearl but as since I don't have a CNC to cut the aluminum properly I'll be doing a case from scratch. It will use aluminum extrusion...
  17. lowfat

    Razer Phone

    5.7 120Hz 1440x2560 Snapdragon 835 8GB ram 64GB storage 4000 mAh battery large stereo front facing speakers $699 USD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzC_kkbFTHQ IMO looks like one hell of a phone
  18. lowfat

    Work in progress Hood's Path. A 3D printed case.

    Decided it was time that I built a dedicated PfSense gateway instead of running it in a virtual machine. I have plenty of cases around but they are much too large. It would also be a good experience to learn how to use Autodesk Fusion 360. Now this is still in the design phase and I'm probably...
  19. lowfat

    Want to Sell Samsung 950 Pro, Media streamers

    256GB Samsung 950 Pro NVMe m.2 SSD. $175 + shipping. Under 100 days of use. Only 1.6TB of host writes. Will include a PCIe m.2 adapter. WeTek Hub android media streaming device. $90 + shipping. One of the best media streamers out there besides an Nvidia Shield. Easily handles 150Mbps HEVC...
  20. lowfat

    3D Printer / CNC discussion thread

    I know a few other people have printers and/or 3d printers. So I thought I'd start a thread on what people are designing / printing. Or people even considering a printer. If you have any questions, feel try to ask. I've been printing stuff like crazy lately. All of which relates to computers...