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  1. Realityshift

    Want to Buy FOUND

    Hey guys, my back up motherboard just ate it :doh: and im looking for an LGA 1150 motherboard to replace it. Its a back up/friend computer so I dont want to break the bank on a motherboard but lets see what is out there.
  2. Realityshift

    Want to Sell GTX 580s more to come 1 for $160 WEEKEND ONLY

    Hey guys decided to bite the bullet and get a 780 so my evga gtx 580 SCs are up for grabs. Ran great up to the time I took them out and put my new card in, SLI worked great and only switched cards to lower heat and power consumption in my bedroom... 2 580s were throwing a bit to much heat for...
  3. Realityshift

    Medal Of Honor - Warfighter

    Hadnt seen much about this until I went to play some BF3 today and noticed a package for BF3 premium members, 50% off MoH:wf :) Only got a chance to play through a few of the single player missions but I must say it is simple one of the most beautiful games Ive played yet. Great controls, good...
  4. Realityshift

    Want to Buy WTB watercooling gear

    Hey guys, its time to overhaul my loop somewhat so im looking for a few things... EMT prefered please let me know what your prices are shipped to T9K 2G9 -140mm rad preferably thick -QUIET pump that can take threaded fittings (DDC with top ect.) currently using an EK DCP4.0 and hate it, this...
  5. Realityshift

    Want to Sell Shiftys cleaning out the basement

    Hey guys, as always EMT prefered but will accept paypal gift. Shipping via Canada post expidited. I work an insane schedule so if your item doesnt ship next day please be understanding, I will ship asap once I receive payment. Everything is plus shipping unless otherwise stated. 1x Creative...
  6. Realityshift

    Ram cache

    Hey guys, I just bit the bullet and upgraded to 16gb of ddr3, mostly because I heard rumblings about setting up a ram disk for caching to improve performance and hopefully take some usage off my ssd. Just wondering if anyone can point me in a solid direction for walk throughs on how to do...
  7. Realityshift

    Want to Buy GTX470

    Hey guys, looking to add to my system now that it seems like everyone is looking to jump up to the 5xx. Anyways idealy id like to find another MSI 465gtx Twin Frozer GE to go with mine, thats already unlocked of course. Other wise ill look at any reference 470. Bonus points for 470s with...
  8. Realityshift

    Want to Buy 360 rad watercooling loop

    Looking for a decent 3x120mm rad loop, preference goes to MCP355, and dual thickness rads but ill look at pretty much anything for the right price. CPU block has to fit 1155/56. Looking for Pump, Res (prefer pump and res top combo), rad, and CPU waterblock. Also looking for a GTX 470/460...
  9. Realityshift

    Want to Sell Mobo + CPU + Case + Shures

    Well I decided to drop some cash on a sandy bridge build so I need to get rid of my old platform. I accept EMT only (Paypal if its dire) and ship with canadapost expedited. I work 14 hour days and dont get many days off so please give me some leeway when shipping as I cant make it to the post...
  10. Realityshift

    2500K + P8P67 Pro Overclocking

    Well I decided to go the Sandy Bridge road for a while so I dropped some cash on the latest NCIX bundle deal, 2500K processor and P8P67 Pro motherboard for three hundred and something dollars. I havent had a whole lot of time to fool around with this processor, the VID seemed to be around 1.14v...
  11. Realityshift

    Want to Buy 1366, 1156, or 775/AM3 Mobo,Cpu,Ram combo.

    Hey everyone, Im thinking about a platform change and have a little money left over after xmas to spend. Im interested in: I7 920/930/950s with a decent motherboard and 6gb ram kit, mATX would be great but I dont mind ATX. Must be able to do 3.8ghz stable. i3/i5 530/540/750/860s with a...
  12. Realityshift

    XBMC 10 Released!

    As of Dec 18th the full release of XBMC 10 Dharma is available for download =) I just did a quick install from ubuntu using svn/ppa and so far so good, aside from having to re-config autosuspend again it seems to working fine on my Zotac Mag box. I havent had a chance to really mess around with...
  13. Realityshift

    Ping Spikes Every 8 Seconds?

    Hey guys, just started running into an issue with my Buffalo nfiniti HP-300NH router. Since I started trying to play CoD Black ops, possibly before but never paid attention to my ping in most games, I have been getting ping spikes from 300-1000ms every 8 seconds exactly. If I disconnect the...
  14. Realityshift

    Anyone remember this hurt as a kid?

    *Caution swearing in video* Fillnstuff has been doing some of the funniest reviews ive seen of old system video games. Ive had a blast watching his videos the last week. I dont know how many of you played an beat any video game you could as a kid, but this game among a few others pissed me...
  15. Realityshift

    MSI GTX465 GE Vantage runs

    Ok I have finally gotten a little time to play with this little beauty and man is it a blast. This is the MSI GTX465 Gold Edition (card #1930) from NCIX that comes unlocked by linus (thanks buddy :thumb:). Default clocks are 607/1215/1674 My highest clocks ive been able to get stable thus far...
  16. Realityshift

    Want to Sell EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 SC $110

    Only used this for a couple weeks. GTX 260 216 superclocked, perfect shape, comes with box. Moved to GTX 470 so dont need this, still worked great though, very playable frames in BF BC2. Asking $OLD!, looking for a fast sale.
  17. Realityshift

    Bad Company 2 names

    Hey guys, just wondering who all actively plays this game and is up for maybe forming some squad games. Im a few points shy of maxing out all 4 kits and im about ready for some realy competition. Bishop_SHIFT
  18. Realityshift

    Want to Sell SHIFTY'S big summer sale!

    Ok its time to clean out the closet so to speak, and Ive also yet again changed out my main system to something smaller to save some space in my rather dinky bedroom. Prices are without shipping, I normally ship with Canada post and I do have VentureOne so they will be shipped via expidited...
  19. Realityshift

    Breaking down PC testing interest

    Just lookin to see if theres any interest in my main rig, peices and combos, Ill be keeping the dvd, ram and hard drives, but will probubly sell the SSD. Ill also more then likely be bringing the HX850 over to my new build. Going smaller cheaper and lower power =) This isnt a for sale thread...
  20. Realityshift

    Zotac MAG XBMC box

    Well after getting tired of my WDHD live box I started reading about the new atom/ion boxes that were perfectly matched for HD playback via XBMC. If you havent already heard XBMC is X-Box Media Centre, one hell of a HTPC front end in my eyes. After doing some research and reading up on systems...