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  1. supaflyx3

    Price check on various items

    It’s been a while, need a price check on a few items Google pixel 5 black: near mint condition, comes with dbrand grip case with LTT skin applied Dell r210ii 1u server: e3-1240 v2, 8gb ddr3 ecc, 2x 128gb ssds, 2tb hdd & choice between dell PERC H700 RAID card or intel i350-t4 NIC. Ubiquiti...
  2. supaflyx3

    8700k/ maximus x hero/16gb ram/250gb ssd/nzxt kraken x62

    Upgraded to a 5800x, no clue what all this is worth. 8700k can do 5ghz, maximus x hero comes with the box, the ram is gskill 16gb 3200mhz CL16 RGB. 250gb samsung 960 evo & an nzxt kraken x62 w/ 2 corsair ML140 pro red LED fans
  3. supaflyx3

    ASUS STRIX 1080 Ti

    Well, since no one else has put up a price check on a 1080ti yet since the RTX3000 series was announced, I guess I will be the first. $350? $400? Or am I way off
  4. supaflyx3

    A hero has fallen - RIP John Fleming aka Soullessone21

    This is not news I wanted to hear today, but John passed away early this afternoon. For those of you that didn't know him (he posted here regularly until he started his own review site, RHR about 5 years ago.) he was the most generous individual I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, giving me...
  5. supaflyx3

    32gb iPad 6th Gen rose gold

    Looking for a price check on my iPad, bought it new late last year and I've used it maybe a total of 5 hours since. Perfect condition with box and real leather flip case
  6. supaflyx3

    Raspberry Pi foundation announces Raspberry Pi 4b

    https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/06/faster-raspberry-pi-4-promises-desktop-class-performance/ Quad-core 1.5ghz A72 cores, 4gb of ram, 1gbit ethernet, usb 3, dual mini 4k HDMI, 4k h265 decode support. :clap:
  7. supaflyx3

    Want to Buy 16-32GB DDR4

    Looking for 16-32gb ddr4, preferably 2400 or 2666 to keep the price down.
  8. supaflyx3

    Anyone here do gold recovery?

    So I may have found a source for a lot of old ewaste, and I was looking in to it and as long as materials aren't outrageously expensive it might be worth the time and effort for me to look in to it. Other than the obvious wear the proper PPE and don't be a dumb ass, any suggestions or insight...
  9. supaflyx3

    Looking to make serious career change, need some insight.

    The stress levels at my current job are starting to affect my health so I need to make a serious change and move on to something I'm passionate about. Network administration/engineering is something that really interests me but I'd be starting from square one. Has anyone here made the switch...
  10. supaflyx3

    PC on 8700k, z370i, SF600

    Thinking about parting out my htpc, since I never use it lol Items to part out & need price checks on: 8700k, can hit 5Ghz @ 1.3V Asus z370i mitx mobo Corsair SF600 SFF PSU Samsung Evo 860 250gb SATA SSD Phanteks Evolv Shift Corsair H80i V2
  11. supaflyx3

    Animal Crossing announced for the Nintendo Switch!

    https://twitter.com/AC_Isabelle/status/1040369251478134784 If any of you were gamecube gamers back in the day, you'll have remembered how addicting animal crossing was. The 3DS version being just as good. Now a nintendo staple is coming back for the switch, and I'm super excited for it. One of...
  12. supaflyx3

    Wireless mechanical keyboards

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a wireless mech keyboard? Preferably RF not BT as I'll be using it for gaming. Not interested in corsair or logitech crap.
  13. supaflyx3

    Fallout 76

    https://youtu.be/-ye84Zrqndo Looks pretty sweet!
  14. supaflyx3

    Boost your 1080/1080ti hashrate by 20-30% with this timings mod

    Link: https://github.com/OhGodACompany/OhGodAnETHlargementPill/blob/master/OhGodAnETHlargementPill.exe/ Instructions: https://github.com/OhGodACompany/OhGodAnETHlargementPill/blob/master/prescription.txt This was just released today, boosting 1080ti ETH hashrates to 45MH/s at stock speeds, and...
  15. supaflyx3

    New HTPC build - crypto trade center

    Since I didn't document my main PCs build, I thought I'd document this one. I've been meaning to build an HTPC for a while and finally got around to it. I've named it the crypto trade center, because well I'm a crypto trader, and the case looks a bit like a skyscraper :biggrin: Purchased...
  16. supaflyx3

    NZXT Introduces it's first motherboard, the N7-Z370

    NZXT | PC Hardware Manufacturer - Cases, Cooling, Fan Control and PC Monitoring Interesting board to say the least, if it were't for CAM the purple board would be an instant buy for me lol
  17. supaflyx3

    Adding a second kit of ram introduced instability

    I have a gigabyte ax370 gaming k7 & ryzen 7, with initially 16gb of DDR4-3200 CL16 TridentZ RGB. My system was rock stable until I added another identical 16gb kit. Now games crash regularly, and my PC reboots a couple times a day. This is the error I find in the event log. "Performance power...
  18. supaflyx3

    Ryzen 7 1700 & Gigabyte ax370 gaming k7

    What would be a good price on a r7 1700 & ax370 gaming k7? $500~ shipped?
  19. supaflyx3

    DJI mavic pro

    Most likely not the forum for this, but anyone have a price check on a DJI mavic pro? Daylight savings is coming so I won't have the time to fly it, so might as well sell it and buy another 1080ti! Comes with 3 batteries, RC remote (and possibly an s7 edge to use with the remote), pair of spare...
  20. supaflyx3

    Want to Sell Super Famicom games

    Here are a few super famicom games imported straight from Japan. Super Donkey Kong 1-3, and Final Fantasy IV-VI. I won't be able to test them but I bought them as in working order. Looking to recoup what I spent on the games :bleh: $35 + ship for either DK 1-3 or FF IV-VI, or $60 + ship for both.