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    Want to Sell GTX690 waterblock, $50 GTA pick up.

    A free bump for a good seller! :thumb:
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    Want to Sell Photograph's Stuff - Amp, Guitar, Quadro FX, CPU&Mobo, Networking, VR Headset

    Check your PM inbox Astrowood - I estimate the use on the 478 board is around 100-200 hours as it was a spare only used when needed. The memory is from my G5, it has seen years of use with out issue.
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    my 60gb ocz vertex 2 died?

    I can report that after almost two years of use on my Crucial M4 64Gb and my Intel 320 series 40Gb, both are still reporting 100% health and have not given me any grief. They are in use as boot drives along with regular HDDs for storage.
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    Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 Plus

    I have the previous model (the S1 rev 2) on three out of my four Radeon 5770's and I can overclock like hell and still run way cooler than the stock option. Arctic's Accelero is the best bang for the buck in GPU cooling, if you need better cooling a full water loop is the next step. I just...
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    Am I getting old or is the i7 920 just that good?

    I feel the same way about the three year old i7 860 in my workstation, even the i5 750 in my gaming rig is still able to handle anything I throw at it with ease. I too upgraded every 18-24 months for the last 15 years and I can not remember going for so long without the need for more CPU...
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    Want to Sell iPad Mini 16GB, Musiland 02 US external soundcard

    free bump for a great seller, cheers Trooper! :clap:
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    Want to Buy Found Please Delete

    NCIX has them on sale today for $17 :clap: Patriot Signature DDR3 4GB CL9 PC3-10600 1333MHz SODIMM
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    Want to Buy Found Please Delete

    A single or a pair of SODIMMs to make 4Gb?
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    Want to Buy Still need Fm2 APU any any at all people!!!

    If you are in need of a heat producing system, I have a Prescot 3.4Ghz (Socket 478), with a Quadro 3000 256Mb, on an Intel 875P (iirc) board with 4Gb of DDR 400. I heated my shop with it just by streaming video, and I would be happy to trade it for some 512mb or 1gb DDR2 DIMMs amongst other things.
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    Anybody here still running c2d or c2q CPU?

    Pentium Dual Core E6300 user here, more than fast enough for my HTPC and old game collection (2010 and older)
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    Your Steam library

    I had to enter my community profile id to get it to work. Here's the results of seven very patient years waiting for sales and buying in bulk. If my accounting software is correct I have spent just a little less than $2000, that's only about $285 a year for all the entertainment I need and I...
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    I run one on my home server for my kids and they love it, I like it too as I build all sorts of ruins and temples for them to explore. It doesn't take much in terms of hardware to run one, if you are opening it up to remote users bandwidth is the biggest limiting factor. Check out...
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    Watchdog Trailer

    Now we wait to see when this will be released and what the system reqs are.
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    Want to Sell 2 X G74sx gaming laptops

    Damn my limited upgrade funds, I wish I could grab one :doh: Here's a free bump!
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    Anyone thinking about picking up Hard Reset?

    I've been playing it for the last week or so, thanks to some post-release patches it is a lot of fun and well worth the low price :thumb:
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    Want to Sell Please close this thread

    Free bump for a good seller :thumb:
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    Want to Sell Silverstone Sugo SG02B-F Small Case (HTPC friendly)

    A free bump for you. I have one of these and its a great HTPC case, fits almost any video card and the power button on the top bezel makes it somewhat kid-proof. :thumb:
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    Computer shutting down

    I'd also run a memory test to see if there is a bad DIMM in there somewhere, sounds like a similar issue I had with my HTPC that turned out to be some OCZ memory that died.