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    Want to Buy found 3570k 3770k

    i have a 2600k but i need iveybridge to run 2666mhz memory price shipped to montreal or i can pick up
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    ssd advice

    hi all lookin for a bigger ssd and intel 535 on sale 200$ for 480gb Samsung evo 850for 220$ and AkG's beloved mx200 for 220 wich is the best drive :ph34r: I hear somethin better commin out soon but 200$ not gonna damage me lol is the evo that newer nand? hopin AkG would chime...
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    Want to Buy i7 860-870

    lookin for a cheap upgrade for lga 1156 an 860 or 870 shipped price to montreal tks if you wanna downgrade to a 750 ..... lol
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    is 275$ a fair price for a 570 superclock? just got a 580:clap:
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    Want to Buy xps m170 video card

    lookin for a replacement videocard for an xps m170 for a freind original card is a 6800 ATI X600 X300 from a Precision M70 might fit with some heatsink moding pm me with price shipped to montreal tks
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    Want to Buy wtb rampage extreme

    wtb rampage extreme in good condition $ or trade
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    Want to Buy wtb classified full block

    lookin for a 760 classified block or just the pwm block + a nb block that will fit
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    Want to Sell new retail p67A-ud7 b3 +some ddr3

    new retail p67A-ud7 b3 sold just got it from rma for a b2 board all accesories included upopened free delivery if not too far buyer has option to buy a 54x 5.0+ chip for 325$:whistle: gskills 2133mhz 2x2 ddr3 sold i only accept emt as payment or cash possibly paypal pm first trolls and...
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    Want to Sell saphire 5870 xfx 4870 saphire 4870

    saphire 5870 like new i bought it from markone and have used it only a few hours 360+shipping markone will only provide rma services for first buyer me so ... no rma service xfx 4870 1gb +accelero s1 included registered once so ...140$+shipping original heatsink included saphire 4870 1gb...
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    Want to Buy longer crossfire cable

    lookin for longer crossfire cables just 1 inch longer than the usual pm is key
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    Want to Trade want 8800gt trade for boards cpu memory or $$

    i want to sli another 8800 gt can trade for cpu quad or dual+ cash or board or memory local takes priority
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    this lcd any good? please advise

    gotta get the wife a new lcd lookin for a 22" is this any good Samsung SyncMaster 2343BWX 23IN Widescreen LCD Monitor 2048X1152 5ms 20000:1DC 16:9 VGA DVI-D is this 1 any better? Samsung 2233BW 22IN Widescreen LCD Monitor Black 1680X1050 5MS 20000:1DC DVI-D HDCP VGA the BenQ E2400HD is...
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    Want to Buy mosfet heatsinks and 2x1 ddr3

    hi all i'm looking for mosfet heatsinks for rampage extreme and a set of good 2x1 ddr3 d9 only cash or i got nice ddr2 and 775 boards hopefully in monreal laval area lol
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    1tb or 640 black

    i just bought a 1tb wd black i have a 640 wd black witch one should i use for main os