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    Where are all the OLED gaming monitors?

    Important to note the panel in the 32" OLED "Pro" Monitor that LG is selling is actually manufactured by JOLED using their printing process. JOLED was formed by Japan Display/Sony/Panasonic quite some time ago. There are rumours Samsung will be making a 34" QD-OLED monitor for 2022.
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    Whats your latest purchase?

    Weren't you giving up WC? :ROFLMAO:
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    how much faster is the Ryzen 5000 RX Vega 8 over the Ryzen 4000 RX Vega 8?

    5300U/5500U/5700U are Zen2, but are refreshed with SMT enabled (hyperthreading) and 1 additional gpu core over their respective older sku 4300u/4500u/4700u. Performance will be very similar unless the software in question can make use of SMT. 5600U/5800U and H-Series are Zen3
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    Hot Deals!!!!!

    They won't get 2Gbps. They probably won't get 1Gbps either.
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    Want to Sell 4x goCoax MOCA 2.5 Coax to Ethernet adapters (WF-803M)

    SOLD 4x goCoax MOCA 2.5 Coax to Ethernet adapters + PoE filter (WF803-M) 2x goCoax MOCA 2.5 Coax to Ethernet adapters SOLD to Randylahey 2x sold Kijiji WF-803M (product link) $60 per adapter. $5 for PoE filter 2.5Gb adapters. All 4 are BNIB, never taken out of plastic packaging. Boxes...
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    HDR1000 HDMI 2.1 1MS monitors?

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    Windows 11 impressions?

    If Alder Lake is amazing AND and requires Win11 I'll consider switching, otherwise I'm content having you brave lads and lasses iron out all the issues for me in the interim banana
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    AMD CPU Bulletin release about Windows 11 and

    AMD's notice doesn't seem related to VBS/HVCI - looks to be in addition to it. I wouldn't be surprised if this AMD impact is due to tweaks for Alder Lake though, one notice for CPUs above 8 cores and another for L3? It could just as easily be old issues of Windows 10 resurfacing again too.
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    Opinions on Glorious mice - Model D wireless

    Glorious generally offers good value but the first few runs of their products are plagued with QC issues. This particular release is unique in the sense that the Model D has already existed, and the wireless implementation has also existed already for about a year in the Model O, so it already...
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    Mouse - small, light, gamer?

    Sounds like you are using a form of fingertip grip but pushing your palm/wrist into the pad for stability? Those are the 3 main grip styles, but in reality all 3 of those have a plethora of variations. Some people change grips depending on what they are doing and the mouse they are using too...
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    Mouse - small, light, gamer?

    Consider grip tape along with mouse choice - often times with lighter mice people tend to grip harder to try and keep control of a light mouse, which defeats the purpose and could excaberate your problem. Doesn't really matter if you buy pre-cut strips of a "gamer" brand (I prefer BT.L) or just...
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    (Games are lagging with new setup) EDIT: the issue is the DPC Latency, does anybody have any solution for this?

    Couple of things of that may not have been mentioned yet although I see Solace touched on it a bit in the post previous to me - I've only scanned the thread quickly before posting: 1) 10th gen cpu in 11th gen motherboard originally had some performance irregularities on Z590 too, supposedly...
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    RTX 3090 Super rumored...

    3090 never was, unlikely for any replacement to be as well. Still a pointless release unless the intent is to further hammer home how badly Ampere scales.
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    Viewsonic releases the XG2431 gaming monitor with world first specs

    VRR/Freesync/Gsync are methods of addressing image tearing by syncing frames between panel and gpu. What they are talking about is blur reduction techniques to reduce perceived blur - this has always been a major pain point of "sample and hold" style displays. Nvidia calls their specific tech...
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    Hot Deals!!!!!

    True, but with Visions you may be able to get an even better deal instore. This is good enough for me though, this pricepoint with the Costco warranty addition means it's time to try out OLED.
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    Hot Deals!!!!!

    Costco has the same price.
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    Fixing double-click in a mouse?

    Never throw these out. Minecraft players fall all over themselves for double clicking mice, helps them achieve max CPS for the various tricks they do. Haven't had it happen on my Logitech mice so far, but I'm with lowfat - the second it happens I'll just solder in some of the switches I have...
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    Advice needed! High-end monitor for home office

    Based on your specific needs and usage case, your #1 choice was the best fit for you. A flat or mildly curved 38" panel is great for productivity that typically involves static content, and can be immersive and fun for casual gaming. Bear in mind you will need a powerful GPU to drive beyond...
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    Yet another Thin ITX board we probably won't see much of this side of the pond.....

    You can convert standard ATX power on an ITX with a Pico-PSU, G-Unique, or HDPlex. Not ideal as this is an additional cost and component to worry about, but it does allow you to pick any ITX board you wish. 1) https://www.mini-box.com/picoPSU-160-XT 2) https://loneindustries.com/products/52...