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    Help Please - Very Low PPD using a Quad with four Nvidia GPUs

    Hey there Folding Team! I have recently rebuilt my folding farm from a Intel Q8200 with dual GTX 260's and 1Gb of memory to an Athlon II X4 635 with two GTS 450's, a 9800GT and a GTX 260, MSI K9A2-Platinum Motherboard, 3Gb of memory, A Silverstone 850W PSU, and running Windows XP Pro 32bit for...
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    The HWC Steam Gift Exchange Thread 2010!

    Heya HWC, it seems that a lot of Steam users are taking advantage of the gift packs being offered in the current sale and ending up with a left over copy or two after gifting to friends. So I am suggesting that we have a sort of gift exchange of our own with the extra copies of various titles...
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    Want to Sell Photograph's Stuff - Amp, Guitar, Quadro FX, CPU&Mobo, Networking, VR Headset

    Photograph's Big Sell, Give Away, and Trade thread! I'm clearing out my parts closet to make room for more kids stuff, by order of my wife all this good stuff has to go. All items were adult owned, and come from a cat & smoke free home and are free of damage. I am open to offers so feel free...
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    Want to Sell Photograph's FS,WTB,WTT & Free Stuff Thread - PC & Mac Parts, Cameras

    Hey everybody, my wife has ordered me to clear out the basement so that means it's time to sell off a bunch of stuff. My Details Location: East end of Toronto Preferred method of payment: Call me old fashioned but cash in person is my favorite way to go, EMT is also fine. Shipping: Shipping...
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    [Project] Bender : Low Cost, High Performance Folding Unit Enclosure

    Overview: It is time to finally assemble my dual GPU/quad core SMP folding machine and build a permanent home for it as an open air system is asking for trouble in a house full of kids, two dogs and a cat. My wife allowed a budget for this modding project: $0. So I will have to make this...
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    Building a dual GPU folding machine with one 16x and one 4x slot

    After doing a rebuild of my HTPC (from a somewhat toasty and noisy Core 2 Quad/GTX260 based build to a much quieter and cooler Core i3/Radeon HD5770) I had a few parts available to build a dedicated folding machine. The question I have is regards to the motherboard I want to use for this...
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    Antec 900 Mod - Cable management and de-fuglification

    Cable management and de-fuglification I've had my Antec for more than two years now and I'm happy with the airflow and cooling it offers but I have always cursed it's lack of cable management and cheap looking bare interior. I would love to replace it with a nice Silverstone or a Cooler Master...
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    Completed Project: Power Hackintosh

    Idle hands, a pile of spare parts and an old Mac looking for a brain transplant. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums and thought I would share my latest project as my first post. I have been very impressed with the quality of the projects posted here, hopefully this measures up in some way. I...