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  1. Gav

    Intel's Early 13th Gen Raptor Lake CPU is WORSE!

    Let’s get started with intel. The company did pretty well with its latest CPU releases. The 12900K with its 8 performance and 8 efficient cores, does what it's supposed to for the company, It beat the competition… and the lower-end offerings like the 12600K gives you a pretty good bang for the...
  2. Gav

    INTEL Has The NEW Quad Core King!

    Lets get started with AMD. In case you haven’t noticed, the company kind of skipped a relatively good product segment in their latest CPU generation. From Ryzen 1000 to Ryzen 3000, the company always released a quad core model with the latest Zen architecture. This generation though, all we got...
  3. Gav

    Nvidia Changes Things Again for RTX 4000!

    Let’s get started with Nvidia. It's now been a year since the announcement of their RTX 3000 series of GPU's. This means that we’re halfway until they release a brand new generation. Now, Of course, we know that more RTX 3000 GPU’s are apparently going make their way in 2022, like the 3090 ti...
  4. Gav

    Top 5 Best Gaming Mice of 2021!

    The Top 5 Gaming Mice of 2021 is here and all of the gaming mice in this video are simply the best mice I've come across in 2021. They come from all over, Razer, Logitech, Corsair gaming mice are all here and some unique additions too! TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 - The Top 5 Best Mice of 2021 0:40 -...
  5. Gav

    The Best 75% Keyboard I've Found!

    This is the best 75% keyboard I've found so far and it gets top marks on the market. But there are things you need to know after I used the Keychron Q1 for over three months now. Let's talk about the Keychron Q1 build quality, keycaps, price and other options. Timestamps: 0:00 - Keychron...
  6. Gav

    Intel's Wants to Release A NEW GPU EVERY YEAR?!

    now, Intel has ambitious goals for their Arc gpu's, but before that, let's talk Nvidia. We've been hearing through the grapevines that the company is planning to revive its last generation Turing-based RTX 2060. I mean we've known this for months, but the only thing we actually knew about it was...
  7. Gav

    The Next Generation CPU and GPU Memory is INSANE! (DDR6, GDDR6+)

    We got some memory news. I mean we just got DDR5. And honestly , if we look at the performance, By the way you can check out my comparison on the hardwarecanucks channel, but if we look at that, Early DDR5 modules aren’t doing so hot. Sure, on paper, its an amazing boost. The bandwidth is...
  8. Gav

    A VERY Different ITX Case - Teenage Engineering computer-1

    The PC case market is filled with a bunch of what's considered the best cases in ITX, ATX and mATX sizes. But they're all safe and don't take many chances. But this one does. Meet the Teenage Engineering computer 1 case, a cool and unique ITX case that focuses on fun above all else.
  9. Gav

    Can this Really Lower CPU Temperatures?

    A simple, easy and cheap way to lower CPU temperatures has been something everyone looks for. Especially when it comes to lower ITX case temperatures. Now Noctua is launching the NA-FD1, a series of foam connectors that create a funnel between the side of your case and CPU cooler. Technically...
  10. Gav

    The Next Generation CPU and GPU Memory is INSANE! ( DDR6, GDDR6+ )

    Next up we got some memory news. I mean we just got DDR5. And honestly , if we look at the performance, By the way you can check out my comparison on the hardwarecanucks channel, but if we look at that, Early DDR5 modules aren’t doing so hot. Sure, on paper, its an amazing boost. The bandwidth...
  11. Gav

    Fixing Their Mistakes - The O11 Air Mini just got BETTER!

    The Lian Li O11 Air Mini had some challenges during its release since it wasn't anywhere close to being the best airflow case. But Lian Li paused the O11 Air Mini availability in order to revise the front panel design. This is the result. :)
  12. Gav

    Black Friday Laptop Deals to Avoid in 2021!

    Finding the best Black Friday laptop deal is a tough situation in 2021 but this laptop buyers guide should help you find the best Black Friday laptop prices and avoid some of the usual worst price scams too. Some of the Best Laptop Deals (Black Friday 2021 & Otherwise): Aero 13 Ryzen 5 -...
  13. Gav

    A Hidden Gem - HP Pavilion Aero 13 Review

    The HP Pavilion Aero 13 might be the best affordable laptop right now. It is a thin and light laptop with AMD Ryzen processors and that means the Aero 13 battery life and performance can be some of the best for the price. Timestamps: 0:00 - HP Pavilion AERO 13 Intro 1:12 - Pavilion AERO 13...
  14. Gav

    Intel Will Fix Power Consumption On the Next Gen CPU's!

    Let’s get started with intel. Alder lake was officially released about a week and a half ago on November 4th. You might think that the release schedule of that generation was a little rushed. I mean the 11th generation rocket lake CPU's came out on the 30th of march… Of this year… That's 7...
  15. Gav

    Ryzen 6000 CPU's Are Going to be HARD to find...

    Let’s get started with some CPU news. Unfortunately…. It's not really good news. So, alder lake just came out a little while ago, and while the performance is promising, the overall platform cost of a new computer with an intel powered chip is pretty high. A the minimum, you’re spending 200$ on...
  16. Gav

    DDR4 vs DDR5 - A Beginners Guide to Finding the Best Memory

    With Intel Alder lake here, the DDR4 vs DDR5 performance in gaming and productivity debate has started. But which is the best memory for your PC in 2021 and into 2022? In this Beginners Guide we talk about DDR5 speed, benchmarks, voltages, power, temperatures and more. The DDR4 vs DDR5 RAM...
  17. Gav

    Razer Really DID Make This!

    The Razer Zephyr is the evolution of the Razer Project Hazel smart mask. Gone are the concepts and in Project Hazel's place is an Air Purifier that has a release date, price...and some interesting features. I tried it out for a few weeks.
  18. Gav

    Legion Laptop Buyers Guide - What's the Best Gaming Laptop for You?

    The Lenovo Legion laptops come from a huge lineup with the Legion 5, Legion 5 Pro, Legion 7 and Legion 7 Slim. But what are the actual differences between the Legion laptops? Well in this Laptop Buyer's Guide, we go through all of these gaming laptops so you can decide which is the best gaming...
  19. Gav

    The RX 7900XT's 3D Chip Will be AWESOME!

    They also revealed the insanity that is their MI 250X instinct GPU. Seriously, this one is a monster. It Uses the CDNA 2 Architecture and can have up to 220 Compute units. That’s a LOT. The highest-end 6000 series RDNA 2 GPU has a Max of 60! All in all, in specific applications, it wipes the...
  20. Gav

    Intel’s Budget Alder Lake CPU’s Might Have a PROBLEM!

    Let's get started with Intel. That alder lake launch was kinda rough. I mean sure the performance is there but power consumption and compatibility has been rough. Handbrake is partially broken, so is Mozilla compile, and a list of 52 games are incompatible with it unless you disable the e cores...

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