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  1. vinister

    Want to Sell FS: Triple 3870 EK Watercooled setup + Accessories

    SOLD - 3x Visiontek HD3870 Video cards, With EK Full Coverage Copper/Acetal Waterblocks attached. - Various Fittings to assist in mounting triple-crossfire system in single chassis. (2 types - all spacings possible) - I have the original coolers for the 3870's, they are not pictured, but...
  2. vinister

    Want to Sell Silverstone Strider ST1000W New in Box

    Silverstone Strider ST1000W SOLD *** SOLD Thanks *** Dual +12V with continuous 70A combined output 100% modular cables with cable bag Support dual PCI-E 8 pin connectors & quad PCI-E 6 pin connectors Silent running 135mm fan Support for ATX 12V 2.2 & EPS 12V Active PFC Efficiency greater than...
  3. vinister

    Feser Xchanger Triple... where to buy?

    Anyone know where to get one? All the regular suspects have no stock. Even a thermochill pa triple, they seem to be unobtanium all of a sudden.
  4. vinister

    web creation software

    I'm thinking of creating a website for the company where I work. I'm trying to choose what software to work with. - Simple site with 5 or 6 pages. - Simple flash on the front-page to make it look exciting - easy to update and expand photo-gallery I don't want a cheesy "you've never made a...
  5. vinister

    Back to the future - finally done

    So I'm finally calling this one 'done'. I've been wrestling with it for almost a year, and now that it works, its way outdated and completely obsolete. Yay. What happened? string of bad hardware. I am on my 3rd Phenom, and it still doesnt overclock, but its stable at 2.6 so whatever...
  6. vinister

    teeny tiny HTPC

    Hey, Just wanted to show my itsy bitsy HTPC. Its not really an HTPC, more like a fancy music player. I use my big PC for playing HD content, etc. This is purely to feed music into the amp, without tying up my 'real' computers. It's a Xenarc car-pc, its usually in my car, but since I'm not...
  7. vinister

    getting the most points from the clients

    Hey guys, Well obviously I'm trying to catch up and pass all of you in the ranks ;) so I'm interested in hints and tips for increasing my PPD. I am running the ATI gpu client, with a 3870 clocked to 1Ghz. I get about 1700 PPD, which is a bit low from what I have read even for a stock 3870...
  8. vinister

    clocking and crashing and gaming and folding and crashing

    What causes a GPU to crash? I'm experiencing strange stability/instability, just looking for comments/opinions. card is a 3870, volt-modded, watercooled. Stock: 800/1200, 1.35v - runs everything I throw at it except GRID. F@H GPU client: 998/1340, 1.45v (2 weeks solid, stable) GRID...
  9. vinister

    ncix fathers day messup

    haha, check out these deals I found when I clicked the 'fathers day' banner! I think they forgot to change the link url since 1999 or something.
  10. vinister

    tri-fire loop, filling/bleeding

    Ok so I finally have my system built and ready to drink some feser-one. This is my first water setup so I really have no clue what I am doing other than forum-knowledge. I think I am ready to fill and bleed, but I have a couple of concerns: 1. I put in the T-line after reading the manual...
  11. vinister

    Series VS parallel: tri-fire watercooling

    I am putting together a pretty complex loop. Its not that big, it is just tricky because of the single spacing between the video cards. I am using stubby barbs between the cards, and the barbs almost touch each other. A very short, straight peice of tubing will connect the cards to each...
  12. vinister

    FS: 2 x Thermalrite V2 All-Copper GPU Coolers

    Sold! thanks all
  13. vinister

    Fs: Corsair Hx620

    SOLD! This forum rocks
  14. vinister

    HD3870 video inputs on vista not working?

    I got a WII, but I have a super-old TV with no video inputs so I can't hook it up. I've tried to plug it into my 3870 using the adapter. However I am running Vista 64bit and I can't find any program that will allow me to access the input. What am I missing? I expected VLC to do it but the...
  15. vinister

    750W vs 1000W

    current setup: - 620hx - x2 5000+ - 2 x hd3870 - one hdd + one dvd upgrade: - Phenom 3850 quad - a third HD3870 - more power?? I overclock everything, and I don't want to push a power supply past 75% or so of its max output. So who thinks my existing Corsair 620HX will handle a quad core...
  16. vinister

    Anyone else sick of alien games?

    Why are so many games all about aliens? It seems we have a huge concentration of games focused on zapping aliens with lazers and the like. Most of these games are wicked up until the alien part, then it just gets lame. Whats the point of focusing on ultra-realism for graphics when the...
  17. vinister

    Scythe Ninja --> Scythe Ninja Copper

    I went from a Ninja rev. B to a Ninja Copper, took some before and after #'s, thought I would share. I made no changes other than the cooler. Same clock, same Vcore, same thermal paste, same fan. First some pics, then performance graphs. The graphs say it all, the ninja copper knocked 6...

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