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    Fighting the bandwidth limits in Canada

    Hey whats up Dale long time no see. I have Videotron here in Quebec. Its pretty fast but the limit is really annoying. If you get Extreme High speed you get 100GB up and down. I usualy use about 30GB to 40GB and sometimes a lot more if I decide to download stuff. I think its not right to charge...
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    First Phase Cooling setup

    WOW you got your unit for cheap like half the price i paid mine a few years back. Right now im running a core 2 duo e4300 @ 3.7 (Stock 1.8GHz) I also did run a Pentium D 805 2.66 at 4.1GHz a few years ago. (BTW that got me to win an overclocking contest on the Tagan website and I got the power...
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    First Phase Cooling setup

    Hey very nice man ! I myself have a phase change cooler too. Mine's a Mach II GT though but hey its basically the same right ! I got a cheap E4300 at 3.7 which to me is not much for a phase change unit. Its 1.8 stock... How much did you pay your unit? I tell you if you ever want to fit your...
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    Case Pics

    I'm only at 4Ghz on my PD805. Its really hard to get it stable after that. I can get it to 4.1 but then its not stable at all. Its a Mach II GT. You can get one from kitronics.com here in Quebec. As far as install I had to cut a hole at the bottom of my Lian-li which wasn't hard with a metal...
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    Case Pics

    Here's my hardcore cooled PD805... Sadly I think that I will be water cooling soon since that thing is annoying. Didn't think it would produce so much noise. On a side note...this is a commando motherboard and I can't run my 2 8800 on it, I took the pic when I tried to use modded drivers. I...
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    Go sens go!

    Wow it was such a great game yesterday... it went 3-3 into the second half of the second OT. GO SENS GO !!
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    pcvillage (pcvonline.com) poor merchandise?

    I would not have minded if it were like a few fans or such but dang its a 350+ $ motherboard. Like I told them DOA happens but if I pay the full price don't send me some used, unworking hardware.
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    pcvillage (pcvonline.com) poor merchandise?

    I just bought an asus striker extreme from pcvonline.com since the board was the cheapest there. How wrong was I to do that. They sent me an open box, the instruction booklet was all teared up the board had fingerprints on it but the worst the board was defective. I have just contacted them and...
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    New CPUz Update 1.40

    Nice nice nice very nice !! Thanks
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    Review Units FS. SKYMTL's Great GPU Sale 2017 - Part 1

    SLI certified is a marketing scheme. Kinda like SLI motherboards... Sadly Nvidia locks other chipsets so you cannot run SLI on let's say an Intel chipset. For older cards you could bypass this with modified drivers but now with the G80 its not possible so far... Business is business but I think...
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    Case Pics

    You guys have really nice rigs. I'll take a pic of mine soon and show it.
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    Opinions on my potential upgrade: SLI with DFI Infinity 975X/G (a crossfire board)

    Yah the old hacked drivers work. That sad thing is I tried to get SLI working on my Commando board... It works but not with G80. Now i'm stuck with a P965 board and 2 8800GTS... I wouldn't go into all the trouble of waiting for hacked drivers and all and just get a 680i mobo.
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    7900GT 256MB vs 8800GTS 320MB

    This is what you can expect, going from the G71 achitecture to the new G80. 7900GT 256MB vs 8800GTS 320MB
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    DirectX 10 without VISTA?

    I don't think anyone from Nvidia nor Microsoft would have worked on making DX10 work on any other OS then Vista. First off Microsoft wouldn't even do it they want to sell as much Vista as they want. And why would Nvidia work on that if they know they could just sell new DX10 cards later on...

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